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Sex has always played a big role in creation. Animals act on instinct and thus procreate. Humans are different. Sex has the purpose of procreation but also of bonding and enjoyment. 

When talking about sex, things like marriage, fornication, adultery, “consenting adults”, “friends with benefits”, “casual sex”, “swinging”, homosexuality, bi-sexuality”, prostitution, zoophilia, rape, incest, GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction), “avunculate marriage”, sexbots, etc. come up. 

This is not a scientific study on sex and sexual relationships. We’ll look at general trends, behaviour of people in this field, and gather info from various sources to get a general picture of what is going on in the world of sexual relationships. 

Sex according to the Bible: 

Here I’ll refer to Kerby Anderson summary:
God created men and women in His image (Gen. 1:27) as sexual beings. But because of sin in the world (Rom. 3:23), sex has been misused and abused (Rom. 1:24-25).

A biblical perspective of human sexuality must recognize that sexual intercourse is exclusively reserved for marriage for the following purposes. First, it establishes the one-flesh union (Gen. 2:24-25; Matt. 19:4-6). Second, it provides for sexual intimacy within the marriage bond. The use of the word “know” indicates a profound meaning of sexual intercourse (Gen. 4:1). Third, sexual intercourse is for the mutual pleasure of husband and wife (Prov. 5:18-19). Fourth, sexual intercourse is for procreation (Gen. 1:28). 

Sex is very powerful and can be compared to nuclear energy. Within certain specifications of containment it is very useful, without the bounds of containment it is very dangerous en even very destruct full and can cause disasters and lead to death 

In the upcoming “pages” we will look closer at the various types of sexual relations for example fornication, adultery, prostitution, rape, homosexuality, pornography, sexbots, necrophilia, etc.

These pages are mainly put together from other sources, written by various people, on these matters. Credit is given and sources are quoted. 



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1.    :  anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex; also :  copulation with an animal 


1.    1 :  of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex a homosexual man was involved in a homosexual relationship
2.    2 :  of, relating to, or involving sexual activity between persons of the same sex homosexual acts 

GAY (originally)
Brightly coloured showy, Light-hearted and care free
1.     happily excited :  merry in a gay moodb :  keenly alive and exuberant :  having or inducing high spirits a bird's gay spring song
2.      bright, lively gay sunny meadowsb :  brilliant in color
3.     given to social pleasures; also :
4.      jovial or happy, good-spirited

1. unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.”

2. “irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

3. Homophobic means involving or related to a strong and unreasonable dislike of homosexual people, especially homosexual men.

Homophobic –the real meaning
In modern times this is probably the most misused word. The first part of the word, homo comes from the masculine Latin noun homo hominis (a third declension noun for any latin scholars) and it translates as man or human being. Phobia comes from the Greek word phobós which translates as fear or morbid fear. So when combined they form the word homophobic which is and adjective for one who is afraid of man and a non homophobe, one who fears man, or homophobia, the fear of man. There is nothing about homosexuality in homophobia. A better word may be homosexaphobic.

 Homophobic is used wrong because very few humans are afraid of human beings. Homophobia is most prevalent in all other species who have become afraid of humans because of our harmful actuons which result in their habitat loss and eventual death.

            A Sexual act between persons of the same sex. 

The homosexual scene has changed a lot through the years. It became Gay and Lesbian, then more where added LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Tans sexual)  

The movement has grow and below we have more “Definitions”

LGBTQI stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex

Below are definitions of LGBTQI terms and related information that will help you understand LGBTQI persons and their community*:
·         Ally - Someone who advocates for and supports members of a community other than their own, reaching across differences to achieve mutual goals.
·         Asexual - Refers to a person who consistently does not experience sexual attraction toward other people.
·         Bias - Prejudice; an inclination or preference, especially one that interferes with impartial judgment.
·         Biphobia - The irrational fear and intolerance of people who are bisexual, or the marginalization or refusal to acknowlege bisexuality as a legitimate sexuality.
·         Bisexual - Also colloquially referred to as "bi." A person who is attracted to two sexes or two genders, but not necessarily simultaneously or equally. This used to be defined as a person who is attracted to both genders or both sexes, but since sex and gender don't operate on binaries (see "intersex"/"transsexual" and "transgender"), this definition is inaccurate.
·         Cisgenderism - Holding people to traditional expectations based on gender, or punishing or excluding those who don't conform to traditional gender expectations.
·         Cissexism - The belief and treatment of trans* people as inferior on less authentic than cissexual (non-trans*) people.
·         Coming Out - To recognize one's sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex identity, and to be open about it with oneself and with others.
·         Cross-Dresser - Individuals who regularly or occasionally wear the clothing socially assigned to a gender not their own, but are usually comfortable with their anatomy and do not wish to change it (i.e. they are not transsexuals). Cross-dresser is the preferred term for men who enjoy or prefer women's clothing and social roles. Contrary to popular belief, the overwhelming majority of male cross-dressers identify as straight and often are married. Very few women call themselves cross-dressers.
·         Demisexual - An orientation placed between sexual and asexual. Demisexuals generally do not form random sexual attraction to people (regardless of sex or gender), but if they get to know someone, sexual attraction can develop as a result of or along with an emotional connection.
·         Discrimination - The act of showing partiality or prejudice; a prejudicial act.
·         Domestic Partner - One who lives with their beloved and/or is at least emotionally and financially connected in a supportive manner with another. Another word for spouse, lover, significant other, etc.
·         Dominant Culture - The cultural values, beliefs, and practices that are assumed to be the most common and influential within a given society.
·         Drag - The act of dressing in gendered clothing as part of a performance. Drag Queens perform in highly feminine attire. Drag Kings perform in highly masculine attire. Drag may be performed as a political comment on gender, as parody, or simply as entertainment. Drag performance does not indicate sexuality, gender identity, or sex identity.
·         Family - Colloquial term used to identify other LGBTIQ community members. For example, an LGBTQI person saying, “that person is family” often means that the person they are referring to is LGBTQI as well.
·         Family of choice (chosen family) - Persons or group of people an individual sees as significant in zir life. It may include none, all, or some members of zir family of origin. In addition, it may include individuals such as significant others, domestic partners, friends, and coworkers.
·         FTM/F2M - Female-to-Male Transsexual.
·         Gay - Men attracted emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually to men. Colloquially used at times as an umbrella term to include all LGBTQI people.
·         Gender - A socially constructed system of classification that ascribes qualities of masculinity and femininity to people. Gender characteristics can change over time and are different between cultures. Words that refer to gender include: man, woman, transgender, masculine, feminine, genderqueer, bigender, and agender. One's sense of self as masculine or feminine regardless of external genitalia. Gender is often conflated with sex. This is inaccurate because sex refers to bodies and gender refers to personality characteristics. 
·         Gender Conformity/Cisgendered - When a person's gender identity and sex are in alignment (i.e. fit social norms), e.g. a male who is masculine and identifies as a man. The term "cisgendered" was coined in the early 1990s as a way to refer to people who do not identify as transgender, and the prefix "cis-" is used in the term "cissexual" to refer to the same concept as applied to biological sex.
·         Gender Dysphoria - Being discontent with the biological sex and/or gender that a person was assigned at birth. This discontent can lead to serious discomfort and feelings of "wrongness," that the person was born in the wrong body. The professional diagnosis for gender dysphoria has been gender identity disorder (GID), though it is likely that the term will be removed from the DSM-V and replaced with gender dysphoria. A modern remedy for gender dysphoria consists primarily of physical alterations to bring the person's body more into alignment with that person's perception of zer gender identity (see "transition"); however, it is important to remember that transitioning does not eliminate the difference between sex and gender.
·         Gender Expression - The way that a person chooses to express hirself. This sometimes can conflate with gender identity, but is not agiven; for example, someone who identifies as a woman can still choose to express herself in a way deemed by society as masculine, e.g. certain hairstyles, clothing, and behaviors. Gender expression terms are masculine, feminine, and androgynous.
·         Gender Identity - The gender that a person sees themselves as. This can include refusing to label oneself with a gender. Gender identity is also often conflated with sexual orientation, but this is inaccurate. Gender identity does not cause sexual orientation. For example, a masculine woman is not nescesarily a lesbian.
·         Gender-Neutral - Nondiscriminatory language to describe relationships—e.g. “spouse” and “partner” are gender-neutral alternatives to the gender-specific words “husband,” “wife,” “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”
·         Gender Queer (or Genderqueer) - A person who redefines or plays with gender, or who refuses gender altogether. A label for people who bend/break the rules of gender and blur the boundaries.
·         Gender Role - How “masculine” or “feminine” an individual acts. Societies commonly have norms regarding how males and females should behave, expecting people to have personality characteristics and/or act a certain way based on their biological sex.
·         Gender-variant/Gender non-conforming - Displaying gender traits that are not normatively associated with their biological sex. “Feminine” behavior or appearance in a male is gender-variant as is “masculine” behavior or appearance a female. Gender-variant behavior is culturally specific.
·         GSM - stands for "gender and sexual minority." An umbrella term to meant to refer to and include all people in the LGBTQQIAAP* community that is slowly gaining popularity, similar to the changing acronym in some places of GSA to "gender and sexuality alliance." Some people prefer to use this as an umbrella term rather than "queer," since GSM doesn't hold the same historically negative connotation.
·         Hate Crime - Hate crime legislation often defines a hate crime as a crime motivated by the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation of any person.
·         Heteronormativity - Tthe cultural bias in favor of opposite-sex relationships of a sexual nature, and against same-sex relationships of a sexual nature. Heteronormative practices or techniques are multiple and organise categories of identity into hierarchical binaries. This means that man has been set up as the opposite (and superior) of woman, and heterosexual as the opposite (and superior) of homosexual. Heteronormativity thus is damaging to people in many different groups.
·         Heterosexuality - Sexual attraction to a sex other than your own. Commonly thought of as “attraction to the opposite sex” but since there are not only two sexes (see intersex and transsexual), this definition is inaccurate.
·         Heteroromantic - Romantic and/or emotional attraction to a gender other than your own. Commonly thought of as “attraction to the opposite gender” but since there are not only two genders (see "gender identity"), this definition is inaccurate.
·         Heterosexism - Assuming every person to be heterosexual therefore marginalizing persons who do not identify as heterosexual. It is also believing heterosexuality to be superior to homosexuality and all other sexual orientations.
·         Heterosexual Privilege - Benefits derived automatically by being (or being perceived as) heterosexual that are denied to homosexuals, bisexuals, and queers. 
·         Homonormativity - Norm that takes it for granted that everybody with any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (homosexual) connection is and act as if they were homosexual. Homosexuals are commonly defined as: persons who are attracted to individuals of the same gender; any person illustrating any homosexual norm or stereotype to be homosexual. The same problems apply with homonormativity as with heteronormativity; it can marginalize or punish persons who do not exhibit stereotypically "gay" behavior.
·         Homophobia - The irrational fear and intolerance of people who are homosexual or of homosexual feelings within one's self. This assumes that heterosexuality is superior.
·         Homoromantic - Emotional or romantic attraction to persons of the same gender
·         Homosexuality - Sexual attraction to persons of the same sex.
·         Institutional Oppression - Arrangement of a society used to benefit one group at the expense of another through the use of language, media education, religion, economics, etc.
·         Internalized Dominance - The inability of a group or an individual to see the privilege of being the dominant group or being a member of the dominant group.
·         Internalized Oppression - The process by which an oppressed person comes to believe, accept, or live out the inaccurate stereotypes and misinformation about their group.
·         Intersex - Intersexuality is a set of medical conditions that feature congenital anomaly of the reproductive and sexual system. That is, intersex people are born with "sex chromosomes," external genitalia, or internal reproductive systems that are not considered "standard" for either male or female. The existence of intersexuals shows that there are not just two sexes and that our ways of thinking about sex (trying to force everyone to fit into either the male box or the female box) is socially constructed.
·         In the Closet - Keeping one's sexual orientation and/or gender or sex identity a secret.
·         Invisible Minority - A group whose minority status is not always immediately visible, such as some disabled people and LGBTIQ people. This lack of visibility may make organizing for rights difficult.·         Lambda - The Gay Activist Alliance originally chose the lambda, the Greek letter "L", as a symbol in 1970. Organizers chose the letter "L" to signify liberation. The word has become a way of expressing the concept "lesbian and gay male" in a minimum of syllables and has been adopted by such organizations as Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.
·         Lesbian - A woman who is emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to other women.
·         Marginalized - Excluded, ignored, or relegated to the outer edge of a group/society/community.
·         Men who have sex with men (MSM) - Men who engage in same-sex behavior, but who may not necessarily self-identify as gay (sometimes referred to as 'on the down-low').
·         MTF/M2F - Male-to-Female Transsexual.
·         Out (of the closet) - Refers to varying degrees of being open about one’s sexual orientation and/or sex identity or gender identity.
·         Panromantic - An emotional and/or romantic orientation characterized by romantic attraction toward any gender.
·         Pansexual - A person who is fluid in sexuality.
·         Polyamory - The practice of having multiple open, honest love relationships.
·         Queer - An umbrella term to refer to all LGBTIQ people. A political statement, as well as a sexual orientation, which advocates breaking binary thinking and seeing both sexual orientation and gender identity as potentially fluid.A simple label to explain a complex set of sexual behaviors and desires. For example, a person who is attracted to multiple genders may identify as queer. Many older LGBT people feel the word has been hatefully used against them for too long and are reluctant to embrace it.
·         Rainbow Flag - The Rainbow Freedom Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker to designate the great diversity of the LGBTIQ community. It has been recognized by the International Flag Makers Association as the official flag of the LGBTIQ civil rights movement.
·         Sex Identity - The sex that a person sees themselves as. This can include refusing to label oneself with a sex.
·         Sexual minority - Refers to members of sexual orientations or who engage in sexual activities that are not part of the mainstream. Refers to members of sex groups that do not fall into the majority categories of male or female, such as intersexuals and transsexuals.
·         Sex (versus gender) - Refers to a person based on their anatomy (external genitalia, chromosomes, and internal reproductive system). Sex terms are male, female, transsexual, and intersex. Sex is biological, although social views and experiences of sex are cultural.
·         Sexuality - The deep-seated direction of one's sexual (erotic) attraction. It is on a continuum and not a set of absolute categories. Sometimes referred to as affection orientation or sexuality. Sexual orientation evolves through a multistage developmental process, and may change over time.
·         SRS - Acronym for Sexual Reassignment Surgery, the surgery done by transsexuals to make their bodies and their sex identity match.
·         Stereotype - An exaggerated, oversimplified belief about an entire group of people without regard for individual differences.
·         Straight - Person who is attracted to a gender other than their own. Commonly thought of as “attraction to the opposite gender,” but since gender does not exist solely on a binary (see "transgender"), this definition is inaccurate.
·         Transgender - Transgender (sometimes shortened to trans or TG) people are those whose psychological self ("gender identity") differs from the social expectations for the physical sex they were born with. To understand this, one must understand the difference between biological sex, which is one's body (genitals, chromosomes, ect.), and social gender, which refers to levels of masculinity and femininity. Often, society conflates sex and gender, viewing them as the same thing. But, gender and sex are not the same thing. Transgender people are those whose psychological self ("gender identity") differs from the social expectations for the physical sex they were born with. For example, a female with a masculine gender identity or who identifies as a man. An umbrella term for transsexuals, cross-dressers (transvestites), transgenderists, gender queers, and people who identify as neither female nor male and/or as neither a man or as a woman. Transgender is not a sexual orientation - transgender people may have any sexual orientation. It is important to acknowledge that while some people may fit under this definition of transgender, they may not identify as such.
·         Transgenderist - A person who lives either full time, or most of the time, in a gender role different than the role associated with their biological or chromosomal sex (a gender non-conformist).
·         Transition - A complicated, multi-step process that can take years as transsexuals align their anatomy with their sex identity; this process may ultimately include sex reassignment surgery (SRS).
·         Transphobia - Fear or hatred of transgender people; transphobia is manifested in a number of ways, including violence, harassment and discrimination.
·         Transsexual - Transsexual refers to a person who experiences a mismatch of the sex they were born as and the sex they identify as. A transsexual sometimes undergoes medical treatment to change his/her physical sex to match his/her sex identity through hormone treatments and/or surgically. Not all transsexuals can have or desire to have surgery.  
·         Triangle - A symbol of remembrance. Gay men in the Nazi concentration camps were forced to wear the pink triangle as a designation of being homosexual. Women who did not conform to social roles, often believed to be lesbians, had to wear the black triangle. The triangles are worn today as symbols of freedom, reminding us to never forget.
·         Ze/Zer - Gender neutral pronouns that can be used instead of he/she and his/her.
* This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, nor do we assume that the definitions included in this list are completely accurate; no offense is meant in defining the above terms. If an inconsistency is found, a term is found that is not included in this list, or a definition is offensive, please don't hesitate to inform us. We will correct the discrepancies as they are found.
From another article:

For more additions see below:

The term LGBTQIAPD is a extended version of LGBT. The difference between the two is that the former takes into account a wider range of sexualitys and gender identities. It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/questioning, Intersexual, Asexual, Pansexual/Polysexual and Demisexual. However, the LGBTQIAPD community welcomes any person of any sexual orientation or gender identity. Because the majority of people are heterosexual (straight) many people who are otherwise come under scrutiny and are bullied. The LGBTQIAPD community is there to support victims of homophobia and transphobia and are trying to raise awareness of this issue. The fight for equal rights is ongoing and in some countries gay marriage is now legal.  


Homosexuality is when a person is sexually attracted to a person of the same sex. Females who are homosexual are sometimes referred to as Lesbians and the Males as Gays. However, some people prefer not to be labelled because it might alienate them. People who bully homosexuals for their sexuality are called homophobes. Although, people can be homophobic it does not necessarily mean that it is actually a phobia or that they are scared.



Transgenders are people who are born in the wrong body, for example a person who is born anatomically as a male has the soul of a female. Transgenders often change their names and/ or have surgery to physically change their gender. If they are too young for surgery or if they do not have consent from their parents guardians, they will most likely dress as their true to mind gender. Bully's of transgender people are called transphobes. As with homosexuality, they are not necessarily scared.


Bisexuality is when a person is sexually attracted to both males and females, like a combination of heterosexuality and homosexuality. If a bisexual person has not yet been in a relationship with one of the opposite sex, this does not make them heterosexual, nor vice versa. Some homophobes say that bisexuals are just 'confused'. this is not the case.


Intersex is a variation of sex characteristics anatomically, thus they do not fit into a specific gender category. They may be surgically altered so that they can fit into a more 'socially acceptable' gender group but this practice comes into question of human rights. There are rules in various countries as to whether a baby is male or female. A person may also be intersex mentally and emotionally.


Asexuality is when a person is not sexually attracted to anyone. They may however, have a romantic relationship with someone, though it involves little or no physical affection. Wearing a black ring on the middle finger is a sign that somebody is asexual. This is how asexuals identify with each other.


Pansexuality is when a person is sexually attracted to all genders, whether it be male, female, genderfluid or none. Polysexuality is when a person is sexually attracted to somebody of two genders or multiple genders. These can easily be mistaken with each other when they are, in fact, completely different. In the same way that some say bisexuals are 'confused' this also applies to pansexuals and polysexuals, but that judgement is still wrong.


Sometimes a person feels both asexual and non- asexual, this is called demisexuality. They sometimes experience sexual attraction and sometimes feel, like asexuals, that they just experience romantic attraction. Another name for demisexuality is semisexuality.

This movement has growing exponentially over the last 10 to 20 years. More and more Government are acknowledging this movement and changing their laws. Even Churches are changing their stance.


Laws affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people vary greatly by country or territory—everything from legal recognition of same-sex marriage or other types of partnerships, to the death penalty as punishment for same-sex romantic/sexual activity or identity. Laws

As of March 2017, 23 countries, most of them located in the Americas and Western Europe, recognize same-sex marriage.

As of August 2017, 73 countries as well as five sub-national jurisdictions have laws criminalizing homosexuality, with most of them located in Asia and Africa. In 2006 that number was 92. As of May 2016, 16 countries have an unequal age of consent law.

In 2011, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed its first resolution recognizing LGBT rights, which was followed up with a report from the UN Human Rights Commission documenting violations of the rights of LGBT people, including hate crime, criminalization of homosexuality, and discrimination. Following up on the report, the UN Human Rights Commission urged all countries which had not yet done so to enact laws protecting basic LGBT rights.



Worldwide laws regarding same-sex intercourse and freedom of expression and association Same-sex intercourse legal    Marriage1    Marriage recognized but not performed1    Civil unions1    Unregistered cohabitation1    Same-sex unions unrecognized    Laws restricting freedom of expression and association Same-sex intercourse illegal    Unenforced penalty2    Imprisonment    Life imprisonment    Death penalty Rings indicate areas where local judges have granted or denied marriages or imposed the death penalty in a jurisdiction where that is not otherwise the law or areas with a case-by-case application. 1Some jurisdictions in this category may currently have other types of partnerships. 2 No arrests in the past three years or moratorium on law.

 76 countries with anti-homosexuality laws
A total of 72 countries have criminal laws against sexual activity by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex  (LGBTI) people, according to a tally by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, or ILGA.

In a similar tally by the Erasing 76 Crimes blog, a total of 76 countries have such laws. The discrepancy is a matter of categorization, not a disagreement about where such repressive laws apply.

In the view of the Erasing 76 Crimes blog, ILGA’s list only slightly understates the problem. ILGA leaves out Egypt from a “Same-Sex Sexual Acts Illegal” list of 71 countries with anti-LGBT laws, but adds it in an overview statement that “72 states continue to criminalise same-sex consensual activity,” because in Egypt “same-sex sexual relations are de facto severely outlawed.” In fact, Egypt is apparently the world’s top jailer of LGBT people. In this blog’s view, Egypt’s vague but harshly enforced law against “debauchery” is as much an anti-LGBT law as many countries’ vague and often unenforced laws against “unnatural acts.”

ILGA also omits the terrorist regime Daesh, also known as the Islamic State, ISIS and ISIL, which has operated in Syria and Iraq as a harshly  anti-LGBT government. Under attack from all sides, its territory has been reduced, but it still controls Raqqa, Syria, which serves as its capital. When Raqqa falls, Daesh will no longer qualify as a de facto country and this blog will remove it from the list below.

ILGA’s figure of 72 countries was down 22 percent from the total of 92 countries in 2006, when the global rights group began documenting  the laws that are used to persecute LGBT people.

This blog also includes on its 76-country list:
·         Indonesia, where two large provinces outlaw homosexual acts; and
·         Two other political entities, in addition to Daesh/ISIS/ISIL,  that have anti-LGBT laws but that aren’t accepted as countries by the international community — the Cook Islands, a self-governing country whose residents all have citizenship in New Zealand; and Gaza/Palestine.

ILGA includes those three on its “Same-Sex Sexual Acts Illegal” list, but doesn’t include them in its 72-country overview.

As of the publication of the 2016 edition of ILGA’s State-Sponsored Homophobia report, ILGA’s list numbered 75. Both Seychelles and Nauru repealed their anti-gay laws in May 2016. Then, on Aug. 10, 2016, the Supreme Court in Belize overturned that nation’s anti-sodomy law as applied to consensual sex. That brought the ILGA total down to 72.

Uncertainty surrounds the situation in at least three other countries:

·         In December 2016, the parliament in Chad approved a new penal code making same-sex intimacy a crime, but there is no evidence that the changes were approved by Chad president or that the new law has taken effect. Therefore Chad is not on the current lists of countries with anti-LGBT laws — neither on this blog’s list nor on ILGA’s list.

·         In late February 2017, the parliament in Angola gave initial approval to a revision of the country’s penal code that does not outlaw private, consenting, same-sex sexual activity between
adults. If and when that legislation comes into force, Angola will be dropped from the lists.

·         Should Russia’s semi-autonomous republic of Chechnya be added to the list because of the brutal campaign against gay and bisexual men that has been sweeping through Chechnya in recent months? Although Russia and Chechnya deny it, police have illegally arrested at least 100 men on the grounds of their suspected sexual orientation. Detained in two known illegal prisons, they have been tortured, humiliated and beaten. At least three men have been killed. But neither Russia nor Chechnya actually has a law against same-sex sexual activity.

This blog’s total would be 78 countries if it were to include Russia and Lithuania, two countries that do not have laws against homosexual acts but do have repressive laws against “propaganda of homosexuality.” Libya and Nigeria have similar anti-propaganda laws, but also prohibit same-sex relations, so they are already on the list.

Back in 2012, based on a separate, nearly complete count, St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation cited a total of 76 countries.  That list was used in that year’s Spirit of 76 Worldwide program aimed at repealing those laws. It also inspired the name of this blog — “Erasing 76 Crimes.”

These are some of the recent changes in the list:

·         The tiny nations of Palau in the western Pacific Ocean and São Tomé and Príncipe, in the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of central Africa, recently decriminalized homosexuality and were dropped from this list in 2014.

·         Mozambique’s LGBTI advocacy organization, Lambda, can celebrate the repeal of the country’s anti-gay law, but it has not yet won its battle for official government recognition, which it has been seeking since 2008. (Photo courtesy of Lambda)

Mozambique, on the southeastern coast of Africa, with a population of 24 million, adopted a new Penal Code in the second half of 2014 and was dropped from this list in early 2015.

·         Lesotho also was dropped from the list after adopting a new Penal Code, which effectively eliminated the nation’s former common-law crime of sodomy.

·         As noted above, Seychelles and Nauru repealed their anti-gay laws in May 2016, as did Belize in August 2016.

·         Daesh (or ISIS / ISIL) was added to the list because it publicizes its executions of  LGBTI people in the the areas of northern Iraq and northern Syria held by its troops.  ILGA states that “the Nusr [‘Victory’ in Arabic] website, which claims to be the website of the Islamic caliphate, has a section on Legal Jurisprudence (evidence-based rules and the penal code). One of the pages under this section is dedicated to “punishment for sodomy”, which states: “the religiously-sanctioned penalty for sodomy is death, whether it is consensual or not. Those who are proven to have committed sodomy, whether sodomizer or sodomized, should be killed…”.

·         As noted above, both Seychelles and Nauru repealed their anti-gay laws in May 2016. As also noted above, in August 2016, the Supreme Court in Belize overturned that nation’s anti-sodomy law as applied to consensual sex.





-Manuel Bermudez, Victor Hugo Prada and Alejandro Rodriguez have become the first trio to wed in a legally recognised same-sex marriage in Colombia (Picture: CEN)

Three men have made history by becoming the first trio to wed in a same-sex ceremony in Colombia.
Manuel Bermudez, Victor Hugo Prada and Alejandro Rodriguez tied the knot in a romantic ceremony on Saturday in the city of Medellin, in the north-western Colombian department of Antioquia.

Three people are legally allowed to marry each other in Colombia, where it is known as a ‘trieja’ – a word derived from two others: trio and pareja: trio and couple.

The trio became the first same-sex trio to tie the knot after spending years in love. 




The 40 most famous bisexual/gay/lesbian celebrities   by littleblackstarxoxo | created - 04 Jul 2015 | updated - 30 Jul 2015 | Public 

This list provides todays most famous celebrities who are bisexual, gay & lesbian.

Actress | Transformers

Megan Denise Fox was born in Rockwood, Tennessee, to Gloria Darlene (Cisson) and Franklin Thomas Fox, a parole officer. Megan began her training in drama and dance at age 5 and, at age 10, moved to St. Petersburg, Florida where she continued her training and finished school. Megan began acting and ...

Megan Fox told Esquire in 2011, “I have no question in my mind about being bisexual,”

Although Megan Fox is now a mother of Noah & Bodhi and the wife of Brian Austin Green, she’s been candid about her feelings towards the same gender. In addition to matter-of-factly proclaiming her bisexuality to Esquire, she famously stated that fellow actress Olivia Wilde “is so sexy, she makes [her] want to strangle a mountain ox with [her] bare hands.”

Actress | Maleficent

Angelina Jolie is an Academy Award-winning actress who became popular after playing the title role in the "Lara Croft" blockbuster movies, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Wanted (2008), Salt (2010) and Maleficent (2014). Off-screen, Jolie has become prominently involved in international ...

Angelina Jolie told 20/20 in 2003, "[I was] surprised when I suddenly found myself having these feelings I always had for men, but for a woman, and wanting to kiss her and wanting to touch her,"

Angelina Jolie’s bisexuality was never a secret. After splitting with her first husband, actor Jonny Lee Miller, the Gia star began seeing model Jenny Shimizu, whom she met on the set of their film Foxfire. In fact, the relationship was so serious that Jolie told Girlfriends magazine in 1997, "I would probably have married Jenny Shimizu if I hadn't married my husband. I fell in love with her the first second I saw her."

Soundtraxk Hannah Montanna

Miley Cyrus was born in Franklin, Tennessee, the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife, Letitia Jean "Tish" (Finley). She has five siblings - two half-brothers, a half-sister, and a younger brother and sister. Her birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus, because her parents hoped she ...

In Miley's Paper Mag cover story (which arrived with a slew of very NSFW naked pics), she talks about making a huge revelation to her mother, Tish Cyrus, at age 14 -- right around the same time Hannah Montana made its debut.

"I remember telling her I admire women in a different way. And she asked me what that meant. And I said, I love them. I love them like I love boys," Miley recalled to Paper.

Actress | Avatar

Known for tough-chick roles, Michelle Rodriguez is proof that there is a cross between beauty and brawn. She was born Mayte Michelle Rodriguez on July 12, 1978, in Bexar County, Texas, to Carmen Milady Pared Espinal, from the Dominican Republic, and Rafael Rodríguez Santiago, who served in the U.S....

The actress came out as bisexual last October 2013 in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The 'Fast and Furious' star commented,"I've gone both ways. I do as I please. I am too *beep* curious to sit here and not try when I can. Men are intriguing. So are chicks." 

Actor | Kyle XY

Matthew Joseph "Matt" Dallas born October 21, 1982 is an American actor, best known for playing the title character on the ABC Family series Kyle XY. Dallas was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and attended Arizona School for the Arts. He has two younger brothers and one younger sister. He became ...

This former 'Kyle Xy' star started the new year by announcing he’s gay and engaged to Blue Hamilton on Twitter in 2013. 

Actress | The Rum Diary

Amber Laura Heard was born in Austin, Texas, to Patricia Paige Heard (née Parsons), an internet researcher, and David C. Heard (David Clinton Heard), a contractor. She has English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Welsh ancestry.

Heard appeared in the Academy Award-nominated film,
North Country (2005), ...

Amber Heard told Metro UK in 2011, “It’s been frustrating as I don’t label myself one way or another—I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love, it’s the person that matters,”

After reevaluating her role in the media, Amber Heard knew that she didn’t want to remain part of the problem. Heard, who had been seen actively protesting Prop 8, came out at the 25th Anniversary GLAAD celebration in 2010 to raise awareness of gay Americans searching for equality. She walked down the red carpet with her girlfriend, photographer Tasya van Ree, whom she had been dating since 2008. Now the gossip rags are saying that she's with Johnny Depp.

Actress | Suicide Squad

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne was born in London, England, to Pandora Anne (Stevens) and Charles Hamar Delevingne, a property developer. Her parents are both from prominent upper-class families, with her ancestors including Viscounts (Greenwood), Baronets (Hulton, Faudel-Phillips), Majors and Lord Mayors...

"I'm young, I'm having fun, I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not," the blonde stunner explained. "So I don't really care on that matter. People can say what they want, but I'm having a good time. I know what people are doing who are my age; I just think it would be a lie to pretend that I'm not having a good time."

She added she feels more comfortable around women than men because she feels guys just want to have sex with her.

Matthew Staton Bomer was born in Webster Groves, Greater St. Louis, Missouri, to Elizabeth Macy (Staton) and John O'Neill Bomer IV, a Dallas Cowboys draft pick. Matt was raised in Spring, Texas, and educated at Klein High School, near Houston. After school, he attended Carnegie Mellon University in...

He has two kids with his long-term partner, but fans of the actor always seem to be surprised when learning that he’s gay. 

Self | Cake Wars

Jonathan David Bennett was born in Rossford, Ohio, to RuthAnne (Mason) and Dr. David Paul Bennett. He headed straight to New York to pursue acting after graduating from the theater program at Otterbein. He was actually discovered by an agent while sitting on a train. Six months later he signed on ...

"Dancing With The Stars" judge Julianne Hough was discussing "Mean Girls" star and DWTS contestant Jonathan Bennett on "Extra" with host Mario Lopez.

"[Bennett] tweeted me last year and said, like, I had a nice butt, but he also tagged my trainer," she said. "And so I was like, 'Oh, he's hitting on me. I should try to go on a date with him.'"

"What happened?" Lopez asked.  "He's gay," Hough responded. "So, I was like, that's not gonna work."

Actress | Mean Girls

Lindsay Dee Lohan was born in New York City on 2 July 1986. Her mother, Dina Lohan (née Donata Melina Nicolette Sullivan), is a former Wall Street analyst, and her father, Michael Lohan, is a businessman and former Wall Street trader. She has Irish, Italian, and German ancestry.
Lindsey Lohan told Harper's Bazaar in 2008, "Maybe. Yeah. . . I don't want to classify myself. First of all, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow, in a month, a year from now, five years from now. I appreciate people, and it doesn't matter who they are, and I feel blessed to be able to feel comfortable enough with myself that I can say that,”

It’s been rumored that Lindsay Lohan has had a decorated history of dating and fooling around with other women, namely Courtenay Semel, Vanessa Minnillo and Paris Hilton. The only relationship Lindsay’s ever confirmed, however, was with DJ Samantha Ronson. Lohan personally confirmed it on Loveline after she said that they had been dating for “a very long time.” The two officially split in 2009.

Actress | The Piano

Anna Paquin is the first millennial to have received an Academy Award nomination for acting, and the first to win.

She was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1982, to Mary (Brophy), an English teacher from Wellington, New Zealand, and Brian Paquin, a Canadian phys-ed teacher. Anna moved to her ...

Anna Paquin told Zooey in 2012, "I'm sure for some people saying they’re bisexual feels less scary than making a statement that they're gay. For me, it’s not really an issue because I’m someone who believes being bisexual is actually a thing. It’s not made up. It’s not a lack of decision. It’s not being greedy or numerous other ignorant things I’ve heard at this point. For a bisexual, it’s not about gender. That’s not the deciding factor for who they’re attracted to,”

In 2010, Paquin came out in “Give a Damn," a PSA for True Colors First, a gay rights organization, to help promote equality and anti-bullying. At the time, Paquin was engaged to her current husband, Stephen Moyer, but her coming out wasn’t a surprise to those close to her. Paquin, who normally keeps her personal life private, stated that she decided to proclaim her sexuality in the PSA to shed light on the issues she really cares about.

Soundtrack | August: Osage County

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ricky initiated his singing career in the Latin all boy-band group Menudo. After leaving the group, he moved to New York to study acting. After finishing his studies, he relocated to Mexico where he performed as actor in "Mama ama el Rock", "Alcanzar una Estrella II"...

Latin superstar Ricky Martin has revealed he's finally happy in a relationship, in his first interview since coming out as a gay man. The 38-year-old Puerto Rican superstar looked happier than ever as he told Oprah Winfrey about his new love, and life with his toddler twins Matteo and Valentino. 'I am in a relationship right now, it feels amazing,' he said during Tuesday's tell-all. 'I'm in a very beautiful relationship. Love happens when you least expect it. I wasn't looking for it in any way, shape or form.

Soundtrack | The Simpsons Movie
Billie Joe Armstrong was born in Piedmont, California, a small town surrounded by the city of Oakland, and was raised in Rodeo, California, the youngest of six children of Ollie (Jackson) and Andrew "Andy" Marsicano Armstrong. His father worked as a jazz musician and truck driver for Safeway Inc. ...

Billie Joe Armstrong has identified himself as bisexual, saying in a 1995 interview with The Advocate, "I think I've always been bisexual. I mean, it's something that I've always been interested in. I think people are born bisexual, and it's just that our parents and society kind of veer us off into this feeling of 'Oh, I can't.'

14. Kesha

Kesha was born on March 1, 1987 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Kesha Rose Sebert.

In the February 2013 issue of Seventeen, Ke$ha expresses her deepest emotions on topics such as attraction and bullying. We love the singer’s new, softer look for the shoot, (and the fluffy kitten she’s posing with is also adorable!).

Ke$ha speaks openly about what she finds attractive inside the mag, saying, “I don’t love just men. I love people. It’s not about a gender. It’s just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you’re with.”
Neil Patrick Harris was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on June 15, 1973. His parents, Sheila Gail (Scott) and Ronald Gene Harris, were lawyers and ran a restaurant. He grew up in Ruidoso, New Mexico, a small town 120 miles south of Albuquerque, where he first took up acting in the fourth grade. ...

How I Met Your Mother actor Neil Patrick Harris has revealed that it was a friendly kiss from Burt Reynolds that cemented the realisation that he was gay.

Harris, 41, is also a singer and director and shot to fame as a pre-teen. He can most recently be seen alongside Ben Affleck in new release Gone Girl (2014).

In his brand new memoir, Choose Your Own Autobiography, Harris, who is now a married father-of-two with David Burtka, describes the journey of acceptance for both him and his loved ones.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the book grapples with the years Harris spent coming to terms with his sexuality, during which he told people he was bisexual before revealing his is gay.

“After a long internal journey, you now embrace being gay, recognising it as a wonderful and integrally important component part of the totality that is you,” he writes.

16. Fergie
Soundtrack | Nine

Stacy Ann Ferguson was born in Hacienda Heights, California, to Theresa Ann (Gore) and Jon Patrick Ferguson, both schoolteachers. Her ancestry includes Scottish, English, Irish, German, Swedish, and Luxembourgian. When she was a teenager, her parents divorced, which was a big challenge for a girl ...

Black Eye Peas singer Fergie, currently married to hunky Josh Duhamel, has admitted to lesbian experiences in her past.
Actress | Machete Kills

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is an American songwriter, singer, actress, philanthropist, dancer and fashion designer.

Gaga was born on March 28, 1986 in Manhattan, New York City, to Cynthia Louise (Bissett) and Joseph Anthony Germanotta, Jr., an internet entrepreneur. Her ...

Recently the pop singer told Andy Cohen that she has taken "a few dips in the lady pond." She also previously revealed that her hit "Poker Face" is about her bisexual identity. 

Soundtrack | 2012

Adam Lambert was born on January 29, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA as Adam Mitchel Lambert.

Amid much speculation, Adam Lambert told Rolling Stone he is gay shortly after American Idol concluded last year. Despite his second-place finish, even eventual winner Kris Allen conceded Lambert deserved to win, calling him "one of the most gifted performers that I've ever met."

Alicia Christian Foster was born in Los Angeles on November 19, 1962. She is the daughter of Evelyn Ella "Brandy" (Almond) and Lucius Fisher Foster III, an Air Force lieutenant colonel and later real estate broker. Brandy had filed for divorce in 1959 after having three children with Lucius, but ...

Jodie Foster: The Silence Of The Lambs star, who long stayed mum about her oft-speculated sexual preferences, went public with her sexuality in 2007, thanking her longtime partner Cydney Bernard in a speech at a Hollywood function. The couple lives in Malibu, where they’re raising two boys. 


Chris Colfer was born on May 27, 1990 in Fresno, California, USA as Christopher Paul Colfer. He is an actor, known for Struck by Lightning (2012), Glee (2009) and The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

Chris Colfer plays flamboyant student Kurt Hummel on Fox’s hit show Glee, and just like his character, in real life, he is openly gay. Colfer – who won a Golden Globe and has been nominated for two Emmys for his role - was named to Time magazine's 2011 list of the world's 100 most influential people. The Clovis, California native has said that his parents were accepting of him, but that he was frequently bullied at school. 


Channing Tatum was born in a small town, Cullman, Alabama, 50 miles north of Birmingham. He is the son of Kay (Faust), an airline worker, and Glenn Matthew Tatum, who worked in construction. Growing up, he was full of energy and somewhat troublesome, so his parents decided to enroll him in ...
Caitlin Jean Stasey is an Australian actress who is well known for her roles as Francesca Thomas in The Sleepover Club (2003), Rachel Kinski in Neighbours (1985) and Ellie Linton in the film adaptation of John Marsden's best seller 'Tomorrow When the War Began'

Caitlin is from Victoria, Australia, ...

Caitlyn Jenner was born on October 28, 1949 in Mount Kisco, New York, USA as William Bruce Jenner. She is an actress and producer, known for Can't Stop the Music (1980), Jack and Jill (2011) and The Hungover Games (2014). She was previously married to Kris Jenner, Linda Thompson and Chrystie Jenner.

Actress | Juno
Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page was born on February 21, 1987, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Martha Philpotts, a teacher, and Dennis Page, a graphic designer. Page wanted to start acting at an early age and attended the Neptune Theater School. She began her career at the age of 10 on the award-winning ...


Emmy-winning talk show host Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born in Metairie, Louisiana, a New Orleans suburb. She is the daughter of Betty DeGeneres (née Elizabeth Jane Pfeffer), a speech therapist, and Elliott Everett DeGeneres, an insurance agent. Her brother is musician and producer Vance DeGeneres. ...


Portia de Rossi was born and raised in Geelong, Australia. Originally born Amanda Rogers, at 15 she changed her name to Portia, saying that it was the most daring thing she had ever done up until that point. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Melbourne, and studied ...


A tall, strikingly attractive blue-eyed natural blonde, Cameron Diaz was born in 1972 in San Diego, the daughter of a Cuban-American father and an Anglo-German mother. Self described as "adventurous, independent and a tough kid," Cameron left home at 16 and for the next 5 years lived in such varied... 

Soundtrack | The Voice
Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980, in Staten Island, New York, to Shelly Loraine (Fidler) and Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera, a U.S. army sergeant. Her father is Ecuadorian and her mother, who is American-born, has English, Scots-Irish, and German ancestry. Her parents divorced ...

Producer | Never Been Kissed
Since melting audiences' hearts - at the age of six - in Steven Spielberg's beloved sci-fi blockbuster, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Drew Barrymore has emerged as one of the most endearing and talented actresses of her generation.

Drew Blyth Barrymore
was born in Culver City, California, to ...

30. Madonna
Actress | Evita
The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops reinventing herself, Madonna is a seven-time Grammy Award-winner who has sold over three hundred million records and CDs to adoring fans worldwide. Her film career, however, is another story. Her performances have consistently drawn ...

Soundtrack | Amy

Amy Winehouse was a five-time Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter known for such hits as 'Rehab' and 'You Know I'm No Good' among her other works.

She was born Amy Jade Winehouse, on September 14, 1983, in Enfield, London, England to a Jewish family with Russian ancestry on her mother's ...
Actor | Star Wars

Alec Guinness was an English actor. He is known for his six collaborations with David Lean: Herbert Pocket in Great Expectations (1946), Fagin in Oliver Twist (1948), Col. Nicholson in The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor), Prince Faisal in Lawrence ...

Actress | The X Files

Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Rosemary Alyce (Lane), a computer analyst, and Homer Edward Anderson III, who owned a film post-production company. She has English, German, and Irish ancestry.

Gillian started her career as a member of an amateur actor group while at high school. ...

Actress | Crash

Thandie Newton was born in London. She is the daughter of a Zimbabwean mother, Nyasha, a health-care worker from the Shona tribe, and Nick Newton, a British father who worked as a lab technician. She lived in Zambia until political unrest caused her family to move back to the UK. She then lived in ... 

Actress | G.I. Jane

Demi Moore was born 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico. Her father Charles Harmon left her mother Virginia King before Demi was born. Her stepfather Danny Guynes didn't add much stability to her life either. He frequently changed jobs and made the family move a total of 40 times. The parents kept on ...

Soundtrack | Labyrinth

David Bowie was one of the most influential and prolific writers and performers of popular music, but he was much more than that; he was also an accomplished actor, a mime and an intellectual, as well as an art lover whose appreciation and knowledge of it had led to him amassing one of the biggest ...

Actress | Thirteen

Evan Rachel Wood was born September 7, 1987, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her father, Ira David Wood III, is a theatre actor, writer and director, and her mother, Sara Wood, is an actress and acting coach. She has two older brothers--Dana Wood, a musician, and Ira David Wood IV, who has also acted. ... 


Miranda May Kerr was born in Sydney and raised in the small town of Gunnedah to John and Therese Kerr. Kerr's paternal grandmother lived on a farm, where she "raced motorbikes and rode horses." Her parents later moved the family to Brisbane when she and her younger brother Matthew were teenagers. ...

Soundtrack | Moulin Rouge!

Kurt Cobain was born on February 20 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. Kurt and his family lived in Hoquiam for the first few months of his life then later moved back to Aberdeen, where he had a happy childhood until his parents divorced. The divorce left Kurt's outlook on the world forever scarred. He...


Joshua Ryan Hutcherson was born on October 12, 1992 in Union, Kentucky to Michelle Fightmaster Hutcherson, who worked for Delta Air Lines, and Chris Hutcherson, an EPA analyst. He has one younger brother, Connor Hutcherson. From the age of four, Josh knew that he wanted to be an actor. In order to ...

PinkNews brings you a list of 43 iconic stars who, even if they personally avoid labels, are still LGBT role models. 

1. Drew Barrymore

The Santa Clarita Diet star came out as bisexual in 2003. She has been married three times, to Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green and Will Kopelman.

She told Contact Music: “Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do. Totally. I have always considered myself bisexual.”

In February 2017 she said she’d rather be with Kate Middleton than Prince William.

In an interview with ITV’s Loose Women, the star weighed in on which member of the Royal Family she preferred.

But rather than opting for either of the younger Princes, the star who has opened up in the past about her relationships with women, said she’d pick Kate Middleton.

She said: “I’d love to be with Kate Middleton the most – at the risk of sounding controversial. Princesses over Princes!” 

2. Kate McKinnon

The Ghostbusters star was the first out lesbian member of the Saturday Night Live cast. She revealed that she realised she was a lesbian after watching Gillian Anderson as Scully on the X-Files.

“I figured it out by watching The X-Files and by noticing my physiological reaction to it,” she said.

“I thought at first my physiological reaction was a product of David Duchovny’s face but no, it was Gillian Anderson-who still is the queen of my heart. So I knew then.”

The Emmy-winning star of SNL has become known for her impersonations of Kellyanne Conway and Jeff Sessions.
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3. Kristen Stewart
The Twilight star came out back in 2015. She later responded on SNL to President Trump’s “obsession” with her saying “I’m so gay, dude”.

Before she came out, the actress had an on-again off-again romance with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson – but they broke up in 2012 amid tabloid rumours of infidelity.

The now-President Donald Trump grew obsessed with Stewart at the time, sending a notorious string of tweets about her spanning several months comparing her to a dog.

While hosting President Trump’s favourite TV show Saturday Night Live, Stewart – who came out as gay in 2015 – directly addressed the show’s most loyal viewer.

She said: “I’m a little nervous to be hosting because I know the president is probably watching and I don’t think he likes me that much. Here’s how I know.

“A few years ago I was dating this guy called Robert, and we broke up and then we got back together, and for some reason it made Donald Trump go insane.” 

4. Amandla Stenberg

Hunger Games star Amandla came out as bisexual via a series of Snaps back in 2016.

On the subject of minorities being “silenced” she said: “As someone who identifies as a black bisexual woman I’ve been through it, and it hurts and it’s awkward and it’s uncomfortable.”

Stenberg made her film debut in 2011 in the film Colombiana before landing the role of Roo in the mega hit Hunger Games series staring alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

The actor, who played the character of Roo in the series, revealed her sexuality almost as an after-thought whilst she took over TeenVogue’s Snapchat profile.

Stenberg subsequently posted the video on her Tumblr page, where she talks about the lack of media representation of women of colour.

On the subject of minorities being “silenced” she said: “As someone who identifies as a black bisexual woman I’ve been through it, and it hurts and it’s awkward and it’s uncomfortable.”

5. Kesha

Kesha returned to the spotlight in July 2017, and she brought a rainbow with her.

The superstar dropped her new song, Praying, nearly four years after her last single.

The song forms part of her new album, Rainbow, which was released on August 11.

During her emotional video for the song, the Tik Tok star addresses her producer Dr Luke, who she alleged raped her, and talks about dealing with depression during the court battle.

In a Beyoncé-esque intro, she tackles her depression head-on, asking: “Am I dead? Or is this one of those dreams? Those horrible dreams, that seem like they last forever?

“If I am alive, why? Why? If there is a god or whatever, something, somewhere, why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I’ve ever known? I’ve ever loved? Stranded.

“What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign or I have to give up. I can’t do this anymore.

“Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much.” 

6. Gillian Anderson

As well as helping Kate McKinnon to realise her own sexual orientation, Gillian Anderson has also had relationships with women.

Back in 2014, years after revealing she had relationships with women, she said she owed it to a late female partner not to keep their relationship a secret.

Anderson was unrecognisable in a still from TV series American Gods, in which she’s playing David Bowie.

Anderson said of revealing the relationship: “She had died of a brain tumour a year earlier and I had never really spoken about her.

“She was a beautiful person who was very meaningful in my life and I wanted to honour her instead of hiding my experience.

“There was a point years after we split when she phoned to tell me to say she had been offered a large amount of money to sell a photograph of us together and had chosen not to do it.” 

7. Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho has included her bisexuality as a theme in her shows.

The comedian says she has had “a lot of experience in the area of polyamory and alternative sexuality in general”.

In the 2002 show Notorious C.H.O., she discussed her sexual orientation.

The comic, actress and LGBT activist has opened up about the homophobic abuse she receives through social media.

In a Facebook post, the bisexual actress described some of the troubling encounters she has been involved in – both on and offline.

“I’ve experienced numerous breaches of security, a couple of very troubling face to face interactions and so much online trolling I can’t help but believe it’s all somehow connected,” she wrote. 

8. Aubrey Plaza

Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza came out as bisexual back in 2016.

The actor who played April Ludgate in the hit TV show, has said that she “falls in love with girls and and guys”.

Her co-star Natalie Morales came out as queer in July 2017.

In an interview with The Advocate, the film and TV star said: “I know I have an androgynous thing going on, and there’s something masculine about my energy. Girls are into me — that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too. I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.”
The actress, who has also starred in films such as ‘Life after Beth’, ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ and ‘Dirty Grandpa’, added that she feels her tastes are like that of an old gay man’s and that she “grew up obsessed with Judy Garland”.

9. Cara Delevingne

The Paper Towns actor and model has had high-profile relationships with women.

In July 2017 she said she doesn’t like being “pigeonholed” by people who insist on labelling her gay.

The Suicide Squad star also opened up about her battle with depression, with a view to opening up a dialogue on the subject.
Delevingne also revealed her experience of working with disgraced film
producer Harvey Weinstein.

The model and performer says she had a “very odd and uncomfortable call” with the movie mogul when she started out as an actress.

Delevingne also claims he told her she would have no future in Hollywood if she is open about her sexuality and relationships with other women.
 10. Daniel Newman

 The Walking Dead star Daniel Newman who plays Daniel in the hit series came out as gay in an emotional reveal in early 2017.

In a touching YouTube video, he said a chance meeting with a girl at a homeless youth centre he was volunteering at had changed his mind about hiding his sexuality.

The actor, who has also starred in Vampire Diaries, Homeland and Sex and the City, said the girl had thanked him profusely for helping the LGBT community.

After he had questioned why she was thanking him, she said: “Because you’re straight.” That was the moment he said he knew he had to come out.

“I’m not straight,” the actor, who plays Daniel in the show, had responded, and the girl’s answer floored him.

“Why have you never said that publicly before? You could help change our lives.”

“It hit me like a gut-punch,” Newman said. “It felt like someone knocked the wind out from me.

“And I realised how important it is in this day and age to be visible – to let people who know you are.” 

11. Jess Glynne
The singer came out in 2015, saying she wanted to be honest with her fans. She later said she didn’t want to put a label on her sexuality and helped a gay couple get engaged.

Glynne had previously spoken of how her debut album was inspired by breaking up with an ex-girlfriend.

However, when the star recently opened up about her sexuality, she claimed she doesn’t want her honesty to mean she is branded as straight, lesbian or bisexual – instead, she wants to avoid labels altogether.

Glynne – who says she is proud of her sexuality – said: “I’ve only ever been with one girl in my life and that’s the girl from my album.

“It was hard at the beginning of the relationship, because until then I had only ever gone out with guys. But I am who I am,” she told The Daily Star Sunday.

“I’m never going to put a label on my sexuality and people should never feel uncomfortable about who they love,” she added.

She later explained why she was so honest with fans over her sexuality and the inspiration for her songs.

“I wanted my album to be as honest as possible. I’ve laid all my cards on the table and gave the truth.

“There was never a question of hiding the story behind it.

“I pray one day we get to a point where it’s no longer a thing.” 

12. Holland Taylor

 The 74-year-old actor spoke about her sexuality back in 2015, saying she never needed to come out because she lives out.

She and American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson have since confirmed that they are in a long-term relationship together.

On coming out, she said: “No, I haven’t come out because I am out. I live out.”

Taylor described her new relationship as “the most wonderful, extraordinary thing that could have ever possibly happened in my life.”

The 72 year-old actress was also asked why it had taken her such a long time to come out as gay.

“I haven’t come out because I am out,” she replied. “I live out.”
“Baby, I was born this way,” Lady Gaga sang in a 2011 hit that quickly became a gay anthem. Indeed, over the past 2 decades, researchers have turned up considerable evidence that homosexuality isn't a lifestyle choice, but is rooted in a person's biology and at least in part determined by genetics. Yet actual “gay genes” have been elusive. 
In 1993, American geneticist Dean Hamer found families with several gay males on the mother’s side, suggesting a gene on the X chromosome. He showed that pairs of brothers who were openly gay shared a small region at the tip of the X, and proposed that it contained a gene that predisposes a male to homosexuality. 
Hamer’s conclusions were extremely controversial. He was challenged at every turn by people unwilling to accept that homosexuality is at least partly genetic, rather than a “lifestyle choice”.
It is interesting that Hamer detected the original “gay gene” on the X, because this chromosome has more than its fair share of genes that affect reproduction, but I would expect that there are genes all over the genome that contribute to mate choice in humans (female-loving as well as male-loving).
Scientists claim they can predict whether someone is gay or straight with up to 70 per cent accuracy by looking at their DNA.
It has long been believed that sexuality has a biological basis – with certain genes linked to being gay.But the claim sexual behaviour can be predicted by such a high degree was described as 'bold' by British scientists. 
The researchers, who are due to present their findings at the American Society of Human Genetics 2015 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, say they found distinct patterns of methylation on the DNA that seem to be associated with homosexuality.

The Kinsey researchers famously reported the case of a happily married young woman who, ten years into her marriage, unexpectedly fell in love with a female friend. Divorcing her husband, she set up house with this woman. Many years later, despite a fulfilling on-going lesbian relationship, she had an equally satisfying affair with a man. Examples of sexual flexibility, like that of this woman,
don't square with theories of rigid erotic predestination.

Scientists tested the DNA of 410 pairs of homosexual twins, making this the largest study of its kind. They found that homosexual men shared genetic markers in a region of chromosome 8, and the Xq28 region of the X chromosome.  

The findings were originally presented by Professor Michael Bailey at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics two years ago. They appear to have been resurrected for an event at the periphery of another major conference this year.  

'When people say there's a gay gene, it's an oversimplification', said Dr Alan Sanders, who co-led the study. 'It seems like there's a number of genes involved so there's more work to do to narrow things down'.

The results confirm those of a similar study conducted by Dr Dean Hamer, which caused controversy at the time of its publication in 1993. Media attention centred on the prospect of a prenatal test for sexual orientation, with the Daily Mail running the headline: 'Abortion hope after "gay genes" finding'. Last year,  

Dr Hamer responded that any such test would be 'wrong, unethical and a terrible abuse of research'.

Professor Bailey conceded the possibility that his research could 'one day lead to a pre-natal test for male sexual orientation', though noted that such a test would not be very accurate. 'Clearly parents should not be allowed to torture or kill babies. But they can currently choose to terminate a pregnancy early on, so they should be allowed to have as much information on the future child as possible'.

Dr Qazi Rahman, a psychologist at King's College London, who was not involved with the study, said that the results were important for our understanding of male sexual orientation. 
'This is not controversial or surprising and is nothing people should worry about', he said, speaking to The Guardian. 'All human psychological traits are heritable, that is, they have a genetic component. So we need to do "gene finding" studies like this [...] to have a better idea where potential genes for sexual orientation may lie'. 
He added that, in his opinion, genetics explained '30 to 40 percent of the variation between people's sexual orientation'.
The findings have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.
Homosexuals today commonly claim that they cannot help being homosexual. Homosexuality, they argue, is innate, perhaps genetically determined. In any case it is so deeply ingrained that it is, for them, an inescapable condition. Therefore, they conclude, church and society should accept homosexuality as natural and, in that sense, normal. Surely, they insist, it is unfair to condemn people for what they cannot help doing.  
Indeed, those homosexuals who want recognition as Christians interpret the “inescapability” of their condition theistically: “God made me this way.” How can Christians, then, condemn a condition that God himself created?
This question comes up in many areas of discussion other than homosexuality. The rapid progress of genetic science has led to lively discussions concerning whether some behavior patterns are innate. Some years ago, it was learned that an abnormally high proportion of boys with double “y” chromosomes engaged in anti?social or criminal behavior. Does this discovery imply that criminality is an innate and inescapable condition? What then? Should we abort children who have this genetic combination? Should we test children early for this condition and take special pains to steer xyy boys into constructive paths? Should we seek ways to change the genetic makeup of such children?  
Later came the discovery that a certain gene is associated with a relatively high percentage of alcoholics. And still more recently, Simon LeVay, a gay activist and neuroscientist, published a paper in Science (253:1034?1037) arguing that there are some minute but statistically significant differences between heterosexual and homosexual men in the size of the “INAH?3” region of the anterior hypothalamus, part of the brain. Some have argued that this discovery tends to establish what gay activists have long been saying, namely that homosexuality is an innate condition rather than a “choice,” that it cannot be helped, and therefore that it should be accepted as normal.
The LBGTQ (1) people describe their behavior this way, “God made me this way.” Thus, they attempt to overcome Biblical references opposing their conduct and legitimize their homosexual lifestyle. They expand their explanation to include a biological source for their way of life. 
Homosexuality has been practiced for thousands of years. Simply put, homosexuality is defined as sexual relations between like genders (i.e., two males or two females). It was Sigmund Freud who first postulated that parental relationships with a child ultimately determine the youngster’s sexual orientation. But this “nurturing” aspect has effectively given way to the “nature” side of the equation. Can some behaviors (e.g., alcoholism, homosexuality, schizophrenia) be explained by genetics? Are these and other behaviors influenced by nature or by nurture? Are they inborn or learned? Some individuals believed that the answer would be found hiding amidst the chromosomes analyzed in the Human Genome Project. 
Consider the obvious problem of survival for individuals who allegedly possess a gay gene: individuals who have partners of the same sex are biologically unable to reproduce (without resorting to artificial means). Therefore, if an alleged “gay gene” did exist, the homosexual population eventually would disappear altogether. We now know that it is not scientifically accurate to refer to a “gay gene” as the causative agent in homosexuality. The available evidence clearly establishes that no such gene has been identified. Additionally, evidence exists which documents that homosexuals can change their sexual orientation. Future decisions regarding policies about, and/or treatment of, homosexuals should reflect this knowledge



Emily Thomes.
I read about 100 articles a month, and my favorite piece last month was Girl in The Picture, by Emily Thomes. Originally posted on The Gospel Coalition, Thomes shares her inspiring story of lesbianism to follower of Christ. Today, Thomes stops by the site to share more of her story and give advice to Christians ministering to those who identify as LGBT. You can read the full interview below. 
Emily, thank you for taking time to stop by the site. I’ll start broadly. Tell us a little about your life before God saved you. 
Before God saved me, I was an incredibly selfish person. I was pretty well liked by most people but had a tendency to overstep boundaries and act impulsively. I did what I perceived was best for me. This lead me to sleeping around, smoking marijuana, and doing other destructive behaviors. Even when it looked like I was helping and serving others, it was actually for my glory and pride. I had very little respect for others but knew how to act “upstanding” outwardly that few people saw the depths of my poor behavior. In short, my driving factors before conversion were pride and self-exaltation.
Take us through your conversion experience. Do you remember the moment you realized that you had become a Christian? 
I do.
I was in my apartment sitting on the floor with the book (God: As He Longs for You to See Him ) from the Bible study I was participating in when I realized I was now a believer. I had been in a study only for a couple of weeks and was learning about the attributes of God. Slowly but surely my view of God and of myself began to change and the balance tipped to where God was bigger and mattered more than I did.2

I read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and saw that I was in the “will not enter the kingdom of Heaven” group but that He could save me and make me new. In those verses I understood my need for Him and His offer to me; it was really incredible.
I remember feeling terrified and at peace at the same time. I realized where I had been until that instant and that scared me. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t understood before what was so clear to me all of a sudden. But there was no denying it and no suppressing it any longer. I didn’t know what I was going to do or what my life was going to be like but I knew what I wasn’t going to do. I wasn’t going to defy Him any longer. His will was my new life.
That’s very encouraging to hear. Now let’s talk about outreach. When you see the church attempt to reach those who identify as LGBT, what are things that encourage you? What are some concerns? 
Seeing the church reaching out with truth and love to the lost has been the greatest encouragement. I’ve seen Christians be humble and open with their struggles against sin with others. I’ve seen them acknowledge their own need for grace with those who have not yet received it. Believers should discuss their own fleshly pull towards sin while making it clear that in Christ we deny ourselves and follow Him. 
There are two major concerns I see in how the church reaches out to those in the LGBT community. 
The first is when churches speak with no love at all. We cannot approach those outside the church like they’re believers who refuse to repent; they’re lost. We must approach them with the gospel — all of it. We explain that He is holy and that we are fallen and in need of forgiveness and a heart change. Both the law and grace must be presented for either to make any sense. 
The second concern I see is when Christians cast aside what His word says on homosexuality in attempts to “love” those who are lost. God’s word stands forever; what He deems as sin will always be sin. To ignore that truth is incredibly unloving. Those who do not repent will not inherit the kingdom of God. Pretending that one can remain in sin and belong to Him is deceptive and cruel.
 So what do you think are some of the biggest obstacles in our outreach strategies? 
A poor understanding of sin in general, homosexuality specifically, is by far the greatest obstacle I’ve seen in our attempts at outreach.
A mindset has developed (whether Christian or not) that homosexuality is linked to identity. Obviously, the LGBT community embraces that wholeheartedly, but most Christians don’t realize that they have also embraced that idea. Believers inadvertently reinforce an unbiblical understanding of homosexuality when they treat those who are same-sex attracted as a segregated class of sinners who are more depraved than ‘normal’ people. In doing so, well-meaning Christians are unwittingly buying into the notion that homosexuality is part of one’s identity, much like one’s race or gender. Basic Christian principle regarding things like sin, repentance, and obedience are cast entirely to the side when dealing with homosexuality to the detriment of both the lost and those in the faith. An inclination towards a certain sin doesn’t mean that one is destined to walk in that sin; it means that they, like all other people since Adam, are born bent towards sin and are in need of forgiveness and a new heart.
Thankfully, our God offers us that in the cross. We can be born again and made new.
What are some practical resources you can recommend to help? 
The short answer is the Bible. We’ve got to be consistent and biblical in our dealings with all sin. 
On another note, some practical tools I’ve found helpful are ministries like Rosaria Butterfield and Matt Moore and Desiring God. Butterfield and Moore were both radically saved out of homosexuality and offer much insight into various circumstances and struggles. 
So the three links I’d recommend are: 
Finally, Emily, what’s your #1 biggest piece of advice for Christians who are trying to reach those who associate as LGBT?
To put it simply, do not elevate or diminish the sin of homosexuality, and be humble and transparent in your own battle against sin.
Emily Thomes is a wife, speaker, and avid Face booker. She aspires to be a home school mother and blogger. You can follow her on Facebook  
After 29 years as a gay activist, former lesbian magazine publisher Charlene Cothran stunned the homosexual community when she announced she had become a Christian.



  By Mark Ellis  
Charlene in appearance on CBN 
At a tender age, she became convinced boys only wanted one thing – sex. After she lost her innocence and got turned off by boys’ aggressiveness, she gradually moved toward the gay lifestyle. Despite a church upbringing, she turned her back on God and eventually became a prominent gay activist and the publisher of Venus magazine.
“I didn’t know how to handle attention from men and boys,” recalls Charlene Cothran. “I was tall for my age and fully developed at nine-years-old.”
Her parents divorced when she was three and the absence of a father left her hungry for affirmation from the opposite sex. “I wanted a guy to really like me.” But when she discovered that most of the boys she met wanted one thing, it turned her off.
“I decided no more of this,” Charlene recounts. She says she closed her heart to boys at 14 and fell into a trap in which lesbianism felt like a “safe alternative.”
In doing so, she drifted from her upbringing in a traditional Baptist church. “I learned the Scripture; I learned about Christ and the cross and His redemptive power. I believed it.” She had once been a youth leader in her church.
Exploring gay culture
When Charlene went off to college in the ‘70s she felt like she was “outside the covering” of the church and she began to explore gay clubs and gay culture in the Atlanta area. “Little by little I gave more and more of myself, my thought processes, and my belief system to the gay lifestyle.”
At the same time she embraced lesbianism, she wanted nothing to do with the straight world. “My mother couldn’t tell me any different. My friends praying for me couldn’t tell me any different. If you weren’t gay or bisexual I didn’t want to fool with you at all.”
After college, Charlene began to produce private social events for black lesbians in Atlanta, which were very successful and drew a large following – including many pillars of the community.
Ten years later, she launched Venus magazine. Aimed at African American gays and lesbians, it gained a multitude of subscribers throughout the world. 
Venus banner
At the height of her publishing career, she was hit by the early and unexpected death of her mother due to complications from ankle surgery. Charlene and her live-in partner decided to move closer to her grandmother in Yonkers, New York following her mother’s death.
Charlene bought a three-grave plot for her mother, grandmother, and herself. “That was the beginning of God changing my outlook,” she recalls. “Every time I would go and put flowers on my mother’s grave I was reminded this is where I’m going to be some day. That made me stop and think about things that are eternal. I knew getting buried is not the end.”
What will happen on the other side of death? she wondered.
“Gays did not pay attention to eternity,” she says. “Nobody wanted to talk about death. They pretended that every gay person who died is in heaven.”
Because of her upbringing in the church, she knew that couldn’t be true. But as she considered the seeds planted in her heart during her formative years, she felt conflicted. “I didn’t think I could get out of the lesbian lifestyle. I didn’t think I could access the love God created between a man and a woman.”
You can’t go back to that. You’re a lesbian, she thought.
A life-changing phone call
On a Tuesday morning in June, 2006, Charlene placed a call to a prominent female minister in New Jersey.
“Where are you in the Lord?” the woman asked Charlene.
“I’ve been lesbian my whole adult life and I don’t think I could be anything different,” Charlene replied.
Then the minister “opened the book of her life” and shared her own rough past, which included incest, drug addiction and prostitution.
The woman told Charlene that feelings of unworthiness were from the devil. “I know you want to come back to Christ, Charlene,” the woman affirmed.
Then Charlene felt God speak to her heart: This is your day. Choose today whom you will serve. If you choose Me today, I have a Jeremiah 29:11 plan for your life. If you refuse me today, you can do whatever you want, but at the end of that road is judgment.
“I knew it was my day to make an eternal choice,” she says. The tears began to pour down her cheeks. “I felt the Spirit of God on me like never before. I submitted to Him and I knew I was never going back.”
Something like scales fell from her eyes and the light of Christ re-emerged. Charlene looked down and was shocked by what she saw. “I literally looked at my hands and my hands looked new. The world looked different that day.”
Charlene couldn’t wait to tell someone what happened, so that same afternoon she tracked down an older woman who had known her as a girl. Charlene found the woman on her back porch.
“Christ came into my life today,” she told the astonished woman, who began to weep with joy.
“God is going to use you so mightily,” the woman declared.
It was Charlene’s first testimony and she says it “solidified something” in her.
When Charlene told her gay friends about her change they laughed. Many predicted she would be back in the gay clubs within six months. After six months went by and she had not returned, they said she would be back in a year. 
This issue shocked her readership 
“After a year I started to get letters from people saying they were tired of the gay lifestyle,” she notes.
After her awakening, Charlene stunned the publishing world by openly declaring her faith in Christ and rejecting the gay lifestyle in the next issue of Venus magazine. She penned an article that chronicled her transformation, “Ten ways to get out of the gay life if you want out.” Gay activists were outraged and led a campaign that caused her to lose advertisers and eventually the magazine.
“Christ did a 2 Corinthians 5:17 transformation in me,” Charlene says. “I gave myself completely to Him. I gave up that old belief system, all that junk.”
God delivered her completely from any inclinations to return to the old lifestyle. “It is a lie that you can’t change,” she says. “Homosexuals have been changing for years. It was documented by Paul when he wrote, ‘Such were some of you,’” (referring to members of the church in Corinth who had once been homosexual)
Today Charlene pastors Zion Baptist Church of Palm Coast in central Florida and speaks throughout the world, sharing her testimony. Her new publishing venture – Victory magazine – is in its third year.



7:00AM EST 11/5/2014 Matt Barber
[Editor's note: I have come to know Wendy and her story through an amazing set of circumstances that only God could have arranged. She is a delightful woman who loves the Lord with all of her heart and has asked BarbWire to share her moving story of redemption and freedom from homosexual sin through the power of Christ Jesus. Wendy has said that it is her hope that her testimony might resonate with even one person who can relate to the circumstances that Satan used to lead her into the homosexual lifestyle. If you are that person, then you (and God) will know it. What the enemy intended for evil, God is using for incredible good in the life of Wendy. The same can be true for you. —Matt Barber]
My name is Wendy and I was born in a small town in Virginia. I was in church every time the doors were open for as far back as I can remember. I also attended the Christian school within my church that was rooted deeply in an Independent Baptist doctrine.
My mama was very sickly and was in and out of the hospital. I have a sister who is almost four years younger than me and a baby brother who only lived for three days and then passed away. Mama died Christmas of 1982 at the age of 32. At the time of her death, I was 11 and my sister was 7.
My dad was a rage-a-holic and an alcoholic. He had wanted a boy so badly and lost his one and only son. I believe he decided to make me his boy or at least that is how it seemed. Especially as I got older, he treated me differently than he did my sister. Here is an example: When I got my first car, before dad would give me the keys to drive it, I had to change the tire, without assistance, as he stood and watched. My sister, he just handed the keys.
My dad verbally and emotionally abused my family. He was a tyrant, and as a little girl I thought to myself, if all men are like my dad, then I want nothing to do with men. I made a vow to never get married because men were not safe.
Due to my family's rigid and extremely conservative views, I knew that if I told them, they would not believe me. I remained painfully silent about being sexually abused. Satan stole my innocence, and I was exposed to things that I never should have been. As a young child, I was attracted to women. My silence allowed Satan to cultivate a huge lie that confused my sexual identity. It was the birth of unnatural desires that would later manifest into full blown homosexuality.
I was in so much pain and confusion that one day I found some relief ... with alcohol. I finally found something that would numb me and I could check out of reality. My drinking continued to get worse and worse. It is only by God's grace and mercy that I did not get a DUI, go to jail, kill somebody or myself.
I suffered with depression and often struggled with suicidal thoughts. One night I was drinking and was holding my loaded gun, trying to talk myself into pulling the trigger. God saved me that night from taking my life with a phone call. I fully believe I was going to kill myself that night but God's loving grace and mercy poured out over me.
I had my first consensual sexual experience with a girl at the age of 15. This led me into one unhealthy relationship after another. But sleeping with women was "safe" for me. It was the easy way out considering my fear and hatred toward men. All of those relationships ended the same way; with shame, regret, hurt, unmet expectations, broken promises and emotional pain. Yeah, all that and then some! And to top it all off, I tried to drink it all away. The lie I bought from Satan was that I just hadn't found the right girl ... I just needed to find her. The problem was that there was no right girl. I was absolutely, completely out of the will of God and His divine plan for my life.
One day a girl who I was trying to hook up with invited me to church, and I strongly declined. She continued to ask me ... So, I asked her, "If I agree to go with you to church ONE TIME, AND I DO MEAN ONE TIME, will you please stop asking me to go to church with you?" She agreed that if I would go one time that she would never ask me again, so I went. I remember it was in February 2007 on a Wednesday night. I cried like a baby through worship and for the first time in my entire life, I felt like I was HOME. I belonged.
I continued to go to church every time the doors opened. In April 2007, I rededicated my life to Christ. As a small child, I had made an emotional decision to be saved. I know today that I had never truly surrendered my life to follow Christ.
The Lord blessed me when I found a group of believers who struggle with same-sex attraction who truly loved me with no judgment and taught me the root causes of SSA. God's grace and His unfailing love is what set me free from the bondage of homosexuality. He gave me a way out. God has totally redeemed me and saved me from the chains of alcohol addiction and sexual sin. My heavenly Father began and will continue to heal all my hurts and fill the voids. I stand victorious and a child of the Most High King!!! Not because I deserve it but because I have a Savior who loved me first, while I was still a sinner. I have decided to walk and follow Christ. I will not let my past define me because I am who God says. I am beloved, cherished, a princess and daughter of the Lord, God Almighty!!! Thank you, Jesus, for saving me from a life that was leading me straight to hell.
(BarbWire has chosen to withhold Wendy's last name to protect her from the "LGBT" attack machine. Nobody hates like the "tolerant" left.)


Rosaria Champagne Butterfield on holy sexuality and how to love our (lesbian) neighbors as ourselves Interview by Allison J. Althoff    From Lesbian Professor to Pastor's Wife

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield spent more than a decade of her life as a leftist lesbian English professor specializing in queer theory at Syracuse University. She was in a committed homosexual relationship, served as the faculty advisor for a number of gay and lesbian student groups on campus, and co-authored the first successful domestic partnership policy at the university. In 1999, everything changed. Rosaria had what she refers to as a "train-wreck conversion": she came to Christ and committed to pursuing a life of "holy sexuality"—a commitment to either heterosexual marriage or celibacy. She is now married to a Presbyterian pastor in Durham, North Carolina, where she is actively "living out the means of grace," raising four children, and sharing the testimony of God's redeeming love at churches, colleges, and universities around the world in the midst of one of the most controversial topics in church and culture today.

If you're struggling with how to pray, read E.M. Bounds on Prayer. Faithful prayer honors God.

In July 2012, Rosaria published her testimony, Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, thinking she'd sell about 20 copies to her local church congregation. Since publication, her story has reached hundreds of thousands of readers across the world. Here's what she had to say about the difference between same-sex attraction and homosexuality, and how we as Christians can best love our (lesbian) neighbors as ourselves.
You lived a lesbian lifestyle for years, and now you're a pastor's wife—How? Why?
I absolutely had what I believed was a heterosexual adolescence. I really liked having boyfriends around because they got me out of the house and I enjoyed the attention, but I realized in my 20s that deep down it was my relationships with women that were really resonating with me. That particular reality grew until I developed what I considered a homo-sociality—a preference for being in the presence of women—that morphed into homosexuality. It wasn't a big event, like here on this date I became a lesbian. It was in some ways a normal extension of the growing feelings I had. I also grew up an unbeliever, so when I came to Christ, everything in my life had to change.
Initially, after my conversion, the thought of being a sexual person at all was terrifying. I had been in a homosexual relationship for years, and I didn't trust myself at all. But after a season of the Lord working on my life, I realized I desired to have a normative, biblical sexuality. But I was a little scared of that too. So things unfolded, and I had a failed engagement before I met my husband, Kent. It was easy to be with Kent because he also is a very strong believer, and when we looked at our potential marriage and the sexuality that would be a part of that, we put it before the Lord, saying we trusted he'd brought us this far, and would complete the journey. We had extensive biblical premarital counseling, and I was committed. I felt it was something I really wanted to do. I was 39 when we got married, and I'm 51 now.

By Debbie

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

Luke 4:18

Praise the Lord and hallelujah. Jesus Christ is the Lord and He can do anything. What seems impossible to man, GOD CAN DO IT!

Psalm 107:15, Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!

Praise Him. Thank you, Jesus. He is a miracle-working God to the sodomite, the whoremonger, the fake religious person, the self-satisfied, the criminal, the most profane man, the most intellectual man, the adult and the child. He saves rich (don't see this much for rich people foolishly trust in their money pretending they have no need--Mark 10:24-25) and poor, beautiful and not so beautiful. He saves those with a good job and those with no job. Those in good health and those handicapped with the most debilitating disease. Those that live in a large place and those that live in a garbage dump (there is a huge garbage dump in South America that has a whole community of people living in it. Terrible conditions and sin and pain are rampant. We need the beautiful feet in these places.). I mean Jesus is for EVERYBODY. And EVERYBODY who has been taught of Him has equal access to Him. Yet though He is omnipresent dwelling INSIDE of His people, He is such a PERSONAL LORD. He is an exceeding GOOD MASTER AND HUSBAND. His glory fills the temple.

I recently sent out an email to the mailing list entitled, "Sodomite Shame Month". In response to it, I received a thrilling email from Sister Debbie. Please find her correspondence in chronological order.

Email #1: "Changed and Transformed by the Power Of The Living God"
My Name is Debbie, I am one of those Changed and Transformed by the Power Of The Living God Ex-Transgendered Lesbian. I appriciate your article and your entire ministry. In the past I was affiliated with an ex-gay Ministry untill I found out that most of them were therapists and into the Vineyard Movement style of healing ministries. However when I found out the real truth that is all I needed to change me, knowing that it was sin and God hates sin. I was willing to put away anything that my Savior abhorred. He made me free to live right. The Lord has called me into full-time Ministry doing Evangelistic work, (confrontational soul-winning and door-knocking), refuting cults and "isms", trying to get folks saved, changed and transformed.

To HIM be the Glory,

In response to this thrilling testimony, I asked Sister Debbie if she would be willing to share it with others that they may be edified...

Email #2: "I will."
Give me a couple of days and I will send you my testimony. Just to add something, my brother WAS also homosexual and now he is married with 3 kids and preaching at our church, drug and alcohol ministry night and in 2 different prisons. It's hard to dispute the idea of Not being able to change, Amen?


Amen, sister! Upon receiving this email I told Sis. Debbie that I would like to have her brother's testimony too.

Email #3: "My Testimony."
Here is my Testimony you had asked me for, if people respond to this I would be happy to answer questions for them regarding the ability to change. My brother is working on something for you also, he will get it to me shortly and I'll send it on to you...

To God Be The Glory Through
the Blood of Jesus Christ

The Story of a Trans-gendered Lesbian Changed by the Gospel

I am thrilled to be able to say that there is hope in Jesus Christ. I can truly say that the Gospel is just as powerful today as yesterday. My life has been one of many other lives today, feelings of loneliness, alienation from others, feeling different from everyone else around me. I was adopted at 3 months old, raised in a fair environment, my mother saw that my brother and I were in church on Sundays, but my dad was not a Christian. Early in my life I knew there was something quite different about me, now I look at my life and see that God made me to be unique, and not a freak. I thought that I was a little boy trapped in a girl's body, for a time I was told that I actually thought I was a boy. This can be tragic in a kid's world. My parents just called me their little tom-boy and let me do whatever I felt. I loved sports and radical games. I loved hunting, shooting guns, motorcycles, and anything competitive. Most of these activities would be OK in themselves, but being deeply rooted in my mind is that I was, and intended on being like the male gender -- in my actions, dress, hairstyles, and even how I interacted with the opposite sex. I even had crushes on girls my age and female teachers at school, but never did I say anything, that behavior was definitely not tolerated back then, thank the Lord. One thing that I am very thankful for today, even though I was extremely attracted to the same-sex, I did not get wrapped up in a lot of relationships (sexually) with women, if it were this day and age I would have, no doubt. I tried to live out my life normally, by getting married, I went through two marriages and divorces, my sad attempt at the normal married life failed miserably. I had a bad history of drug abuse throughout my early teens into adulthood. I sought many activities to absorb myself into to find a place that I could belong -- dirt car racing, martial arts, work, etc.

It was a special day on May 18th, 1994, about a year after my brother had gotten saved (I had seen how that God had changed his life, being that he was a practicing homosexual, and that the Lord had done miracles in his life, giving him a wife, and three beautiful kids, and he preaches the Gospel at church, and in the local prisons), I was ready to give up on everything, quit my job and give up on me. Then a girl I worked with spoke to me about the Lord and wanted to know if I wanted to pray with her, so I did. That was the beginning of a great healing in my life.

After years of hating anything at all that had to do with the female gender, I now proudly have long hair (well longer, I'm working on it), and walk into church wearing nice dresses, and I am free and not afraid of having relationships with other ladies in my church. It has not been the easiest thing to do for the roots were deep, but Jesus goes there. I believe that many people give up too soon, or their Gospel is too watered down, or weak to do anything about their situation, seeing that even in my hometown people send the so-called hard cases to our church (I guess it's hard to help a drunk when you believe in social drinking). God showed me in the Scriptures why we are bent toward inordinate relationships, just read Romans Ch.1.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and I'm sorry if it bothers some folks but I will not apologize for it. I will not settle for the excuse, "I cannot change, I can't help how God made me."

Debbie M.

I then asked Sister Debbie how her life has changed since she got saved. For the unsaved who read this, she was saved from hell and born again into the family of God. There are only two kingdoms in this universe. The kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil. In eternity, the devil's family will be with him in the lake of fire. Sister Debbie was "saved" from that. In eternity, God's family will be with Him in the new Jeruselem. She was "born again" into God's family. How has her life changed?....

Email #4: "...what has happened in my life is a miracle..."

Hi Sis.,

Apparently what has happened in my life is a miracle, some may want to call it a sort of "evolution" if you will. I had a thing about "girl" stuff, clothes, hair styles, shoes, way of acting, and interacting. I hated the whole female gender and everything feminine, it's called misogyny, usually men of other cultures have these characteristics and considering women to be 2nd class and not worth much, ie. Asians (older), Hispanics, etc... but also women who have rejected every aspect of their femininity. I use to call that the "F" word. I was particularly very attracted to women very much the same as men would be, I even developed a powerful crush on a friend who tried to help me, she is a good Christian and safe for me to be around, she said if I hit on her she would smack me good. You see Sis. that's why homosexuals need the Lord BAD!!!! They are predators, seeking prey, to recruit frends to be with. It was quite a long struggle for me, not because of sexual behavior, that was easy to refrain from, it was the relational and gender issues I had to leave at the cross. Get this, I had very short hair, nearly always mistaken for a guy, I was a groundskeeper-gardener and dressed just how I liked to, in men's clothes, and acted how I wanted, like men.

Wow, when I got saved I thought I was visiting mars, in our church was men dressed in nice shirts. slacks and ties, ladies were all in dresses?????? What's this I thought??? Ain't there no middle ground here????? Well it took me several months to come close to wearing a skirt, no one knew about my sexual problems but my gender problems were quite apparent, but they accepted me like I was. Slowly my Pastor worked with me, after I told him my problems. His answer to my question - "I am really attracted to girls, what do I do?" He said, "Sis., do the same thing I do, when the devil tempts me with some loose dressed harlot I show him, I purposely look the other way!"

Well from there since he accepted me and was willing to work with me instead of kicking me out of the church, which I thought he may, I stayed and we worked through it, what was the greatest event in turning this thing around is that I got extreemly saved, not just a little saved, and served in the church started helping everyone in site doing everything possible for me to do, fell in love with the Lord and found out where God wants to use me at and got started, I love God and His work so much and am so thankful that He would use someone like me, that I am willing to do whatever it takes to be used of Him. Now my hair is longer I'm not scared of it, I wear girls shoes, and clothes, and even shops for my own clothes in the girls department, (may seem silly to some) but any how my Pastor was not afraid of making me mad or standing up for what thus saith the Scriptures, Deut. 22:5, was the answer to my question, "What's wrong with the way I dress?"

  1. Now I have my own Ministry to gays and lesbians, and sexually abused, etc...."Door of Hope" with an advertised 24hr phone line.
  2. Have been involved with drug and alcohol counseling......our "S.A.V.E.D." meetings that are court ordered.
  3. Most of all with what God has called me to do..... our door-knocking and soul-winning ministry, going door to door, witnessing and giving folks the truth, dealing with cults right at their doors, JW's, Mormon Missionaries, Oneness Pentecostals, Catholics, etc....and I am the writer of our tract ministry, I am disabled now, (to the worlds eyes, but enabled for full-time ministry in the Lord's eyes, I have Lupus), so I sit at home most of the time researching, compiling, writing, and making tracts, or ammo, for our door-knocker's and soul-winners. I am trying to learn how to build our website right now, but I have a long way to go.

Philippians 1:12-14

Jesus Christ is the Lord and there is no other Saviour.

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

by  John W. Kennedy on April 6, 2015

Bottom of Form

While growing up in Ohio, Sarah Mourer kept a secret she refused to divulge to anyone: she felt like a boy trapped in the wrong body. 

Although those feelings eventually dissipated, the sensation of gender confusion and being different didn't.

"I felt like something was terribly wrong with me," Mourer says.

On the surface, Sarah seemed to have it all together as a straight-A student who finished first in her class. No one at the local Assembly of God church she and her family attended had a clue that the girl involved for three years in Junior Bible Quiz as well as youth group had serious problems.

As early as her elementary school years, Sarah battled suicidal thoughts. In high school she went binge drinking with friends. When she began injuring herself in college by cutting, friends convinced her to seek medical treatment.

In counseling, a psychiatrist prescribed antidepressants. However, Sarah didn't reveal the homosexual feelings behind her struggle. Her parents, Duane and Marla Mourer, never suspected anything amiss.

Despite her same-sex urges, Mourer didn't act out until college - with a girlfriend who attended the same church. Mourer lived in two worlds, leading a women's Bible study while engaged in a lesbian relationship.

A few years after graduation, Mourer, who by then also had developed a drug dependency, bought a house with another woman in the Pacific Northwest. As a full-time public school biology teacher, Mourer became the faculty adviser for the Gay Straight Alliance, a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

"I was tired of being quiet about it," Mourer says. "I became loud and proud."

Mourer's parents disapproved of the lifestyle their daughter revealed. Initially, Marla tried to preach to Sarah, but that proved ineffective.

"I thought I was born like that, so it wasn't an argument I would listen to," Sarah recalls.

"We realized we were not going to change her, only God could do that," Duane says. "So we put Sarah into His hands."

Marla kept a photo of Sarah in her Bible and prayed diverse Scripture passages over her daughter every day. Marla determined to keep the lines of communication open by periodically sending packaged baked goodies to Sarah - and her partner. Duane and Marla also enlisted the prayer support of a tightknit group of close friends.

Nevertheless, Sarah got engaged to her girlfriend, and the two began planning their future together. Sarah's partner purchased her wedding dress and the couple reserved a venue and hired a photographer. The two talked of having children through artificial insemination. Sarah requested that her father walk her down the aisle and give her away at the upcoming ceremony.

Duane knew as a deacon at Victory Assembly of God in Newcomerstown, Ohio, that he couldn't bless the lesbian nuptials by attending. Marla and Sarah's two older sisters, Michel Williams and Lisa Mason, also declined invitations. Sarah felt crushed, especially given that her fiancée's family saw no qualms with the relationship.

Mourer's parents visited in March 2012, five months before the scheduled union.

"We didn't have any agenda," Marla says. "We just wanted her to know we loved her no matter what. That wasn't going to change, regardless of her decisions."

Sarah sat her parents down to watch a documentary that concluded the Bible really didn't condemn homosexuality. Unconvinced, Marla recommended Sarah ask Jesus about his views on homosexual marriage.

That night in her bedroom, with her partner away, Sarah asked God to show himself if He was real. When nothing happened after a few seconds, Sarah vocalized, "OK, I don't think You exist." Immediately afterwards, Sarah says a muscular, large, red demon appeared at the foot of her bed. Although the evil spirit didn't speak, Sarah says he laughed creepily.

Sarah began screaming, as if someone was about to kill her. Although inclined to rush into the adjoining bedroom and rescue their daughter, Duane and Marla - knowing no one else was in the house - determined to stay put. Duane recognized the sounds of his daughter in the throes of spiritual warfare.

Meanwhile, Sarah became hoarse from screeching, as she sensed the entire room turning red and felt pressure from the demon in her chest. She grew more terrified, and fell facedown on the floor, crying out to Jesus to save her.

Although she attended church as a child and into college, Sarah didn't grasp until that night that she lacked a saving relationship with Jesus. As she detected the demon fleeing, she went into the bedroom where her parents stayed. Sarah says she heard God speaking clearly in her head, answering important questions.

Sarah says God explained the same-sex attraction began as a seed planted when she was 5 years old and she and a playmate acted inappropriately with each other.

"That built a foundation of lies that came later," Sarah says. She says God continued in the next few minutes with revelations she didn't really want to hear. 

"I understood if I continued down the path I was going I would die," Sarah says. "I knew I had a choice to make and I needed to change. I wasn't a happy convert at all. I was mad at God for ruining my life."

Yet God answered the prayers Duane, Marla, and their intercessory friends uttered for eight years. In fact, that night Marla was baptized in the Holy Spirit. For more than a decade, she repeatedly had sought speaking in tongues.

"I was so desperate for God to intervene because it was more than I could handle," Marla says. "It just started to flow out of me. I was able to forget about myself."

Sarah understood she needed to tell her betrothed that the wedding must be canceled and the sexual relationship must stop. Initially, Sarah's partner railed at her for ripping their lives apart. But Sarah says God delivered both her and her partner from same-sex lust. Her former partner now is married to a man.

In July 2013, Sarah moved back to Ohio. She no longer goes on drinking binges nor is she on medication for depression. At 33, she is a full-time high school teacher who attends Victory Assembly with her parents and sisters.

Pastor Brent F. Heishman has known Sarah well since she moved to Ohio two years ago. He saw her occasionally for a dozen years before, when she periodically visited.

"There has been a tremendous transformation," Heishman says. "She runs after God with all her heart. She has a call to do missions work."

Heishman and his wife, Lisa, have been mentoring Sarah, who serves on the leadership team of the small, rural church. In the past two years, Heishman says prayers of attendees at Victory Assembly have led to physical healings of people in the church and in the community practically every week.

According to Heishman, Sarah has found a niche in effectively praying for young people going through circumstances similar to what she experienced.

"God is increasingly using her to encourage families who have sons or daughters struggling with gender identity," Heishman says. "She has a positive, nonthreatening way of doing that. She isn't a bridge burner condemning or ostracizing the gay and lesbian community." 

Sarah says she now is attracted to men and is a firm believer that deliverance is available from same-sex attraction.

"I'm not a poster child for this," Sarah says. "People are being delivered all the time. Everyone's story doesn't look like mine, but parents grieving over their kids need to have hope."


Posted on May 21, 2008Clark Bunch

After wrting about the gay marriage ruling in California, I got a lot of feedback in the comments.  Most statements were made by either conservative Christians that thought the decision was horrible, or by gay men that saluted California for doing the right thing.  As expected, they wanted to know what my problem was, and what gave me the right to decide gay couples couldn’t be married.  One commenter, however, was unusual.

What follows is the testimony of an individual who previously practiced the homosexual lifestyle before accepting Jesus Christ as savior.  This is the story of one who gave up a life opposed to God’s law, and by God’s grace became a believer and a follower.  Thank you A.J. for sharing.

My Testimony:

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is a true story. I am a 100% down to earth guy, and I only share this story with you because it is who I am. Not only who I am now, but a glimpse into the past…to look for a moment at who I was before. Thank GOD that guy I used to be is now dead. He has been crucified. What a poor, wretched soul he was. This story might have some pretty graphic/adult oriented material. If you are too young to be reading this, then please DON’T. I fully intended this story to be read by ADULTS.
As I am sure you know by now, my name is A.J. I was born in Huntsville, Alabama on November 7, 1975. My father was Allen G. Nichols Sr., and my mother was Jenell C. Nichols. They divorced when I was 6 months old. Things just didn’t work out. My dad was upper class, a computer scientist for a big technology corporation, and my mother was a dental assistant. Somehow, of course, my father managed to run from his responsibility as a parent, and so my mom was left to raise me. Very typical scenario nowdays.
I never really felt like I knew my Dad. He was a really bad alcoholic, and remarried 2 times before his death. I always felt like there was something wrong with me, that if I was truly a good son, then why didn’t he want me? Typical feelings of rejection for a guy that grows up without a father.
So, I lived with my Mom, and my brother John, and my sister Jeannie growing up. Jean and John were older, (from my Mom’s first husband) and I was the “baby”. My Mom was always bar hopping, (an alcoholic as well) and usually ended up bringing home some really rough guys. She married again…to a very abusive and alcoholic man. I remember him beating me with a belt, with the buckle at the loose end of the belt. There were lots of bruises, and my grandmother took polaroid pictures of this, and came to the trailer we lived in threatening to have him put in jail. Him and my mom divorced shortly after. I was about 4 or 5 at the time all of this was happening.
Then something happened. My Mom started gong to church, and for the most part, gave up her life of bar hopping. She married the man she is married to to this day. He too was a professing Christian, used to be rock n’ roller/drug addict supposedly changed by Jesus. Now, I must first begin this part by saying that He and I get along now. There were a lot of thigs that happened that were both of our faults, and so much has changed. I believe that God has restored our relationship, and consider him to be a good father to me. Anyway…to describe what I saw and learned when I was growing up…the only term I can use is PSYCHO RELIGIOUS. He would beat me, and scream scriptures at me. I was “The Devil’s Child” and was going to “Split Hell Wide Open” This all started (the abuse) when I was about 7 years old. It continued all the way through high school. We even had someone call DHR, and report him for child abuse. They came to my school, and wanted to take me away from my Mom. Of course, at that age, I could not imagine life without my Mom, so I refused to leave. I was truly in Hell…it had already found me. Words cannot express the agony and pain that I lived in for some 12 years. It truly was a nightmare.
I began using drugs when I was 15. I also began drinking alcohol around that time. Even before that I had started being attracted to other guys sexually, as I was so desperate for male affirmation/affection. I was literally starving to be loved, and somehow was deceived into thinking that pleasing another man sexually would keep him around to give me the love I so desperately wanted. (I forgot to mention that I was also molested by someone when I was very young as well.)((That was probably the open door that led me into the deception)). I also had several experimental sexual encounters with other boys when I was a little boy. My first real sexual encounter with another guy was when I was 13 years old. At the time it seemed like exactly what I wanted. It was very pleasurable at the time. But then, when the time for school came Monday morning, the only thing I could think about was having to face him in front of all of our friends. It was so scary.
The drug use escalated full frenzy. For 13 years I was heavily abusing crack cocaine, crystal meth, XTC, LSD, Prescription Pills of all colors and varieties, GHB, Ketamine, Marijuana, Alcohol, and anything else I could get my hands on that would ease the pain. I also was in probably 25 or more homosexual relationships. I absolutely HATED Christianity. I believed that I was born Gay, and that I would ALWAYS be that way. People would talk to me about Jesus, and I would laugh in their face. I thought they were crazy!
Then, in 1999, I finally broke down. I went into rehab on my own choice. I truly wanted help. I was about to die, and I knew it. I had overdosed several times, and was extremely addicted to speed. I just wanted the rollercoaster to stop. The rehab I ended up at was a Christ centered rehab, and I found the love of God there. I began attending the Vineyard Church regularly. There were a lot of prophetic people there that gave me words directly from God. I knew that somehow, I had had a bad example of Christianity modeled before me. These people were NOTHING like my step-dad. They loved me unconditionally. I was clean for about 4 years.
Somehow, I fell. It started with the smallest things. I started taking pills again. Then I convinced myself that I would be ok to be involved in sexual sin. After all “God Understands” is what I kept telling myself. I got involved in what would end up being my last homosexual relationship. It lasted for 3 years. I was MISERABLE! I was doing cocaine and smoking crack like Bobby and Whitney (no joke lol). It was once again a nightmare. I loved the guy that I was with so much, and it took me that long, because I was still so afraid to trust God and let go. Finally I did. I left everything and moved back to Gadsden. It was my complete surrender.
Now, to the beautiful part of the story. I found the creator of the universe. No joke. I COMPLETELY SURRENDERED to Jesus. And guess what? He set me free! I was filled with the Holy Spirit (which felt better than ANY DRUG that I have ever done!!!) and I was delivered from somewhere in the ballpark of 50 demons. They screamed as they came out of me. And now, I am COMPLETELY drug/alcohol free, and I have COMPLETELY normal desires sexually. No more lust/masturbation/perversion/homosexuality. I am a FREE MAN! And even better yet…I have a PERSONAL INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The Great I AM. Let me tell you…there ARE real people who follow Jesus. HE IS LOVE. HE IS REAL. HE IS ALIVE AND WILL SET YOU FREE FROM WHATEVER YOU NEED TO BE SET FREE FROM. He sees all, knows all, and hears all. There is NOBODY like him. I finally found what I was looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. It is sad but true. I am not proud of who I used to be. But I AM proud of Jesus. He gets all of the glory and honor for who I am today. He loves taking broken, messed up people that have nothing to live for, and making them into new creations. I thank him every day for the joy and peace I have in Him. Also, the best part is that He is making me like Him. I am being transformed into His image. He has given me His authority to love people, and help lead them to Him. He is the only way to the Father. He is the ONLY way to Heaven. He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.

I love him.

Jeremiah 29:13 & 14 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back from captivity

Jeremiah 33:3

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

I Corinthians 6:9-11

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.



 I Was Once a Lesbian and Jesus Christ Healed Me in so many Ways and set me at Liberty

 By Kathleen Malligan 6/16/2013  

 Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba        June 15th 2013                                          
 I am the eighth child out of ten, born in a small country town and hoped desperately from the womb to have been a boy. My parents had their first born a son, then seven girls, and I am the seventh; three years later a son was born, then seven years later another son. So being the seventh girl in a row I was not received as the gender I was, with this reaction, “Oh no not another girl!”

Adding to this when I was brought home my mother had to abdicate her role giving me over to be nurtured by my three eldest sisters, so she was unable to bond to me as a baby so I was a clingy and insecure child. I have read that rejection and detachment in a relationship with mother disconnects you from your feminine gender. My mother was bound in the cycle of motherlessness so she was not a verbally relational woman but she was affectionate and I knew she loved me.

I grew up in poverty and in fear and terror as my father was an abdicating adulterous alcoholic wife-beating husband and this gave cause for me to not trust men. I feared men and vowed no man would ever hit me or hurt me, let alone control me with money as he did to Mum. To add to this I knew many girls throughout my school years and in the neighbourhood who were being sexually abused by their fathers!  This enforced so much more fear of men and over those years I greatly feared if I married a man he would molest the daughters.

I believe fear is the root cause of my homosexuality and demon spirits; yes demon spirits took opportunities to build themselves a stronghold a fortified grip. I recall very clearly at the age of four being under a car with a spanner and a strong supernatural power being present. I even recall that power saying it would be better to be a boy than a girl.

As the years went on I rejected femininity and accepted masculinity, unconsciously I would have been looking for acceptance from my mother and not accepting myself as female in subconscious for fear of being weak like I thought my mother was! But truth was she was not weak it was but another lie I believed from lying spirits to form the homosexual persona.

I was dressing like a boy, acting like a boy, being tough like a boy and  I thought being affirmed as a tom-boy to be given all the boy jobs; so spirits of darkness had enough grounds to bring forth same sex attraction, and they had legal opportunity to twist my sexuality with the open doors they had down the family line.

I took Jesus as my Saviour during the three years I was Sunday Schooled from the age of ten to thirteen at a small Baptist Church in Toowoomba. At the age of fourteen I recall fantasizing about an older woman who lived on the corner of my street and she was forty. Today I recognize those thoughts as spirits of darkness that had taken advantage of my emotional instability to continue to birth homosexual attraction.

Why do I say this? Because today I know those voices and their presence and I do not believe we are born homosexual. I believe that spirits capitalize on our fragmentation and circumstances to bring forth a homosexual personality a false personality just as they do under the star signs conform you to be as a Virgo a Capricorn ect. And I one hundred per cent believe they have door ways of ancestral sins that gives them the right to be in our lives and to even start tormenting you from the womb “they want a boy and you are a girl, they won’t love you because you’re a girl.”

I had sexual intimacy first with a girl my age sixteen, at close to seventeen with a twenty one year old man. I had dated two guys for short periods but was unable to yield to love as fear had such a hold of my heart and my mother had unknowingly put much disgust and fear in me about sex with men that this too hindered me.  She was expecting me to marry the third boy I was dating, but when I told her I was also seeing a girl and did not want to marry she said, “Then you will have to move out and go and live with your sisters in Perth.”

I had just turned seventeen I was  naïve and immature and went straight into the Perth gay scene. The first woman who put it on me I moved in with as my sister required me to find a job and accommodation. She was a prostitute and discipline mistress, ten years my senior, running her own escort agency of three women from her home. Well, what a pit was now being dug for me, I'm sure the demons thought I was going to be theirs forever – but God who ordained me from the womb had a purpose and plan and was watching me like a hawk and yes I should have been dead many times!

Eighteen months later now in Melbourne I snuck away from her to catch a bus to go and live with a sister in Sydney. The next woman I had a relationship with was for five years; she was very beautiful in appearance yet  a clever skilled possessive manipulating and an unfaithful red-head. She was the red-head I thought my mother always wanted me to be, but that was another lie! Weakened and controlled, I walked out on her numerous times only to keep going back.  Eventually my escape was by getting hypnosis and I do not recommend this occult practice as it opens you to give grounds to a spirit of darkness.

The third and final relationship was for ten years, she was an alcoholic and addict whom I was madly in lust with! When I met her I did not have a clue about the dynamics or the depth of her addictions and brokenness; and little did I know I would become a manipulated rescuer and drug addict for altered states of drug induced sex and of course my life became a train wreck.

I was now about twenty eight and filled with shame so I bought a forty-foot bus to run away and travel around Australia, in the hope I could escape the addict I’d become.  In my travels I hit thirty it was time for me to fulfil my inner vow of getting pregnant. So I sought out a man and who would not know my real name or I his; I just wanted his seed for my child.  Fear still ruled as I thought if he knew me or my real name he would want my child for holidays and weekends and if I had my daughter he would commit incest with her, so he had to be nameless and so did I.

I had made an inner vow around thirteen or fourteen to have only one child at thirty, a girl with dark brown hair and the blue green eyes, and it happened she has both. I also named her around that age Lillian Grace, her name is Lily-Fern Grace. I even decided what part of  Toowoomba I would live in and this is where I live and have done for the last twenty years in my own home.

I want to say she was always my daughter (she is the photo above, and she has never had homosexual attractions I just used her picture)  not the child of two lesbians she was my child because of the vow I had made as a teenager! I see the sovereignty of God was in this, for if it was not for my heart wanting and me having my daughter and not wanting her to have the life I lived, I would still be ensnared on the stairway to hell.

When I came home to Toowoomba from Cairns I was so fragmented, riddled with anxiety and fear and with a new born. After a year’s breast feeding I became a drinker from morning till evening. I started to suspect my girlfriend of sexually abusing my daughter but was this that paranoia or was this truth. The psychiatrist couldn’t answer me he just sent me away with a script and took $90 and I never went back and  I threw the script as I was pretty sure it was not my mind.

So I started attending Alcoholics Anonymous and in my pain I cried out to the God of my Sunday Schooling, “You have to show me, is she molesting my daughter? I don’t know if it is really true so You have to let me catch her I have so much fear.” He did, while I was on the phone to my AA sponsor I sensed to go and check on Lily and that was the end of the ten year relationship with sex addiction.


“Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be
 that find it.” Matthew 7:14 (KJ)

In 1995 it was around two in the morning and I woke up to go the toilet and at the toilet door was a novel called “Straight Is The Gate” by Marjorie Buckingham. The book was not there that evening when I went to bed, so sometime through the night it supernaturally came off my bookshelf to go through a locked door, to be placed at the toilet door.

I had searched for years for ‘the truth’ through occult readings, other religions, New Age material and numerology as to what was my purpose on earth and where was I going when I died. My mind had got so darkened to the truth of the cross that I’d thought I was an old soul, who had lived before and was coming back again to obtain a higher self. Little did I realize I had a destiny and it was him “that leadeth unto life” eternal (Matthew 7:14) not reincarnation for a higher self.

 At the time the Christian novel was placed in the doorway, I had been praying to this unfamiliar higher power of my Sunday school days as I was doing the twelve step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous. I was telling Him I wanted to go back to church so he could change me and free me from the homosexuality and make me the heterosexual woman I deeply wanted to be.

The truth is my homosexual life had been such misery and filled with emotional trauma that I did not want to go back to such a screwed up world. Anyway I knew he called people and I wanted him to call me to a church that had ‘the truth’.  I was so bent on finding ‘the truth’ for all those years, that it showed in my reluctance to get caught up with the wrong church as so many cults, religions and spiritual books I’d read claimed they held the truth. I thought it would be the same in the church denominations that named Jesus Christ and it is!

So at 2 am that morning when I found that Novel “Straight is the Gate” at the toilet door, I opened the book to the second page where there was the above Scripture Matthew 7:14 and a stamp reading South Baptist Church. At the time I overlooked the relevance of the Scripture for I was so happy I had received my call and felt called to the Baptist church; I never took it as ‘go the South Baptist Church’, just the Baptist church.

So I prayed again, “Which Baptist church in Toowoomba holds ‘the truth?’”  Blindly I waited again for a ‘call’ to a specific Baptist church to attend, then three days later in the mail came an invitation to the opening of The Community Baptist Church at Glenvale - they were the South Baptists they had sold their church. Happy again God had called me, I went to the opening day.  There I was in church with my now three year old daughter and  I could not wait to get water baptized to wash all my past away, and praise God He gave me the honour of being the first baptized in their new Church baptismal pool.

After the opening day I went for three Sunday’s waiting for an altar call to ‘get saved’  I thought this was the way it should happen as that was what they did every Sunday when I was at Sunday School; but there was no altar call!  I wanted to give my life to Jesus, I wanted to get away from the person I had become;  I had so much grief, shame and no self-worth. I left that third Sunday in two minds and driving along Greenwattle Street I was thinking “Do I drive back and tell someone I want to be saved or do I just go home?” The struggle was so heavy, ‘don’t go back’, ‘go back’, ‘don’t go back’, ‘go back’, ‘don’t go back’, ‘go back!’ I thought if I don’t go back and surrender I might not ever go back again.

In the back of my mind was a recent occult reading from a warlock who used a deck of cards “You will face a big decision soon and whatever decision you will make it will be what you will be for the rest of your life.” And I believed it, I did not want to be what I had been - a lesbian, a drug addict and an alcoholic.  Nor did I want to be where I was ‘at’ emotionally for the rest of my life and I had a daughter to bring up. So I turned the car around and went back and grabbed a random woman and said, “I want to get saved”.  She got the pastor and we three went into his office, all held hands and I prayed the sinner’s prayer.


From that date, the 18th October 1995 through to today it has been eighteen years and it has not been an easy road. I knew my self-oh too well and knew if I did not give Christianity 100% commitment I’d go back to drinking and to women.  And coming from an independent self-sufficient, rebellious, prideful woman to a self-sacrificing, put-down-the-flesh and obey-your-God woman it has been no easy road, and painfully traumatic, wrestling against powers and spirits of darkness who tormented and physically shook and threw me around.

In my early years in Christ and in church I got ensnared in deception and counterfeit spiritual experiences came on me due to my Scriptural ignorance. So between my desperation for peace from a tormented mind of fear that they used I went out of the will of God. I wished I had never become a Christian I wished I had of stayed drunk and a lesbian.

In those early years I told God many times that if I had known what I was in for when I said I wanted to go back to church, I would have never gone to church. I told Him many a time when I was in those horrors I’d thought that being with Him was the worst relationship I had ever lived in and if there were another god who offered eternal life after death like He did, I would go and serve that god.” But where was I to go into the arms of demons? No I now knew He held The Truth He had the power over darkness I just had to  find the way to take a hold of it?

Shunned and rejected by the church at large and put in the ‘too-hard-basket’ I had to find the way of peace the way out. So dealing with my homosexuality was buried and not an issue whilst I fought my demons of fear, the distortion of paranoia and spiritual deception.  All of hell was against me; witchcraft screamed at me “how dare you think you can leave us we have had your family for generations.”

I only knew to soldier on in the strength of my ‘survival’ by my sheer will, to fight my way out of such demonic abuse, terror fear and torment.  So I went about it by finding out about what gave demons their legal grounds and learning about the wiles of darkness.  I had to know this enemy I could not see but feel and hear; their psychic intrusion was so loud because of my dabbling in witchcraft, magic and the occult of tarot cards and numerology.

Yes, it was the long way, and yes it worked out and I am now tall in The Spirit against the enemy.  But, I should have learnt first about Jesus, God’s covenant, and the victory of the cross and my inheritance. I should have learnt how I could use the weapons of my warfare that were mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. I did learn and I learnt purity of warfare where The Spirit of Christ Jesus battles for you in utterance in English and in His heavenly language.

I could not keep my eyes on Jesus and walk in trust and faith I couldn’t, because I disliked Him. I believed He was the one who was allowing all this pain and I thought He was refining me in affliction. That belief came from a word I got from a deliverance minister who said God said “you will be refined in affliction!” It took me years to know from my heart that He did not ordained but He knew me my weaknesses my fears and my personality and He knew how long it would take to overcome my fear and fear of demons and the strength of  their lies and deception they had on me and put back on me - the affliction was demonic trauma.

The truth is when I let go of my agenda, my strategies and learnt to listen to God and discern Him from what theirs and  my own thoughts were, I got sharp, real sharp.  It was then He brought me out of fear and out of so many deceptions and led me to close door after door. It was Jesus who set me at liberty in demolishing the strongholds not only from the ancestors but those of my own iniquities and it is He who enables me to write to others in prayer strategies to close door after door. And it is still Jesus today who enables me not to be ensnared again in these yokes of bondages or in fear or in those old lies and deceptions they once had on me and yes, today I am free from a lesbian lifestyle and mindset and demonic torment.

Today “He sent his Word and healed me from my destruction’s”. (Ps 107:20)  I caught up with the Truth, I have received much deliverance and He has taught me self-deliverance as “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Why? The Power of Christ Jesus lives in me and He can cast out any demon and they have to obey when they can no longer remain. I now know His way out, and how to use the weapons of my warfare that are not flesh but Divine Power (2 Cor 10:4) I now know how to in the breath of The Holy Spirit to shut them up shut them down and bring judgment against them “for this is the heritage of all the saints of The Lord to bind their kings with chains their nobles with fetters of iron and to execute upon them the judgments of The Lord” Ps 149:8-9

It has been mainly in the last ten years that Jesus has been healing me of my sexual brokenness and to date I am willingly intertwining in God’s love, kindness and gentleness and love Him. I now know God’s heart and that He loves me so much.

Today I no longer have a hatred or fear of men, today I find myself attracted to them in a new ways and who knows marriage may be around the corner? Today I know who I truly am and today I know I was not born a homosexual only that a breakdown in relationship with my mother, my fear of my father, my fear of men, my perception in my environment, sins against me and other women and curses with spirits of darkness brought forth causations for me to become and live as a homosexual.

Today Jesus has uprooted and caused me to overcome the deep root of abandonment and rejection. He has enabled me to pinpoint the causations of a twisted spirit so that I no longer seek my mother’s approval or relationship or bonding with other women.  No longer am I attracted to the red-head my mother wanted me to be, no longer can this hold power over me. No longer am I attracted to the feminine woman that I wanted so desperately to be; my feminine side would surface but I would always go back to the comfortableness of my masculine protective self so no man could hurt me.

He has brought so much healing and changes from the woman I was when I first visited The Community Baptist Church in 1995 to ‘get saved’ and to have my past washed away in baptism. Today he has done such a great transition and transformation that it’s so obvious. His beauty adorns me, His presence is with me and deep down I know I’m not that former woman any longer or the one who ran from self in a forty-foot bus. Today I am truly born again living for Jesus. Today I am so restored, so transformed that I am so comfortable being feminine and connected with being a woman that I am amazed and I am so thankful and grateful - bless God.       
Today I no longer identify as being a lesbian but as a heterosexual woman of God; a woman who has been delivered from darkness and set free from the chains that once bound me in abandonment fear addiction and homosexuality. Yes homosexual lust is there and it can surface, so can the alcoholic and the drug addict surface if I choose to resurrect them to walk back in those areas of darkness. But I resist it and I refuse to go back to those lifestyles, I have chosen and I choose His lifestyle - His love - His way of living.              

Today I am the woman in Him I was born to be.        

Just give me Jesus - I want to testify that by Him living in me it’s no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me; the old has gone and the new has come and I am free and free indeed just give me Jesus.                        

Our God is Able.

Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony, be blessed and be a blessing

Love Kathleen Malligan 




  Woman Christian’s love for gays



Argumentsfor and against from teh Bible are not the Scripture itself as such, but the interpretation thereof.
·         Ro: 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
·         Ro: 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
·         Ro: 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
·         Ro:1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
·         1Co:6:10: Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionist, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
·         1Tm:1:10: For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for men stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;
·         Le: 18:22: Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
·         Le: 20:13: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.


When God calls homosexuality an abomination
(Leviticus 18:22) (Leviticus 20:13)

Yep. We've all heard that Leviticus is where the Bible straight-up says that homosexual behavior is an abomination. And yes, it does. It also says that homosexuals should receive the death penalty (!!!). It also says the same thing about eating pork or shellfish, charging interest on loans, and a whole bunch of other restrictions that were a part of the Old Testament Law Code. But for Christians, the Old Testament doesn't (dare I say "shouldn't?") settle any issue because Romans 10:4 says that Christ is the end of the law. Which is probably why most Christians today eat meat, use credit cards, wear makeup, and support equality for women. Because, as Hebrews 8:13 says, the old law is obsolete and aging.

 If that line of reasoning is followed, what about the other laws, not mentioned here. Murder, incest, beastiality, rape, fornication, adultery, ect. Are they thus all justified, on the grounds of this way of reasoning?

Is the context clear now?

The Bible uses the rubric (a rubric is an authoritative rule) of Molech worship to describe pagan sexual practices which included worship of Ashtoreth, 2 Kings 23:5-10. There is nothing new under the sun. Human beings always struggle with idolatry. It was true in ancient Judaism and it was true in the early history of the Christian church.

Goat demons and cult prostitutes and Molech and child sacrifice are mentioned in Leviticus so that the children of Israel (and we) will know that the real issue is worship of Jehovah, the true God. The context is that God hates pagan religious practices like shrine prostitution and worship of demon gods, like the worship of Molech and by implication, the worship of his fertility goddess
consort, Ashtoreth.

The context of Leviticus is not lesbians. The context of Leviticus is not gay men. The context of Leviticus is not bisexuals. The context of Leviticus is not transgendered people.


Homosexual advocates typically challenge this part of the Levitical code by reframing these sanctions against homosexual acts in the context of pagan idol worship. Indeed, the editors of the Queen James Bible have done just that, adding wording to these verses to fit their argument:

Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Molech; it is an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22, QJB, emphasis added)

If a man also lie with mankind in the temple of Molech, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. (Leviticus 20:13, QJB, emphasis added)

There is no textual support in the Hebrew manuscripts for the additional wording the editors of the Queen James Bible have introduced. But the added phrase “in the temple of Molech” suggests that, in the view of these particular editors, homosexual behavior would only have been prohibited when associated with pagan rituals. The editors reached this conclusion by arguing that the Hebrew word for abomination, tow’ebah, means “ritually unclean.” Uncleanness related to pagan idolatry is one of the definitions of tow’ebah; however, it is also used in Scripture to denote something that is morally (ethically) repugnant in God’s sight, such as homosexuality (see, for example, Proverbs 6:16).9

Furthermore, chapters 18 and 20 in Leviticus are lists of prohibited behaviors for the Israelites, including incest, bestiality, and child sacrifice. To be consistent, the editors of the Queen James Bible must apply their changes to the whole of these chapters. But the implications of this hermeneutic are severe—incest, bestiality, child sacrifice, and a number of other behaviors would all become acceptable except in the context of pagan idolatry.10 Surely pro-homosexual scholars do not intend to argue for the acceptability of all these practices. The clearest interpretation of these passages is that homosexual behavior is an abomination in the sight of God, whether or not it is in the context of ritual pagan idolatry.

IF THIS LAW COULD ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD IN THE CONTEXT OF “the temple of Molech”  and “The context is that God hates pagan religious practices like shrine prostitution and worship of demon gods, like the worship of Molech and by implication, the worship of his fertility goddess consort, Ashtoreth.” Then incest and bestiality should then also fall under that context. Thus can a person have incestial and bestial relationships if it’s not under the worshipping of Molech.

But pro-gay scholars and church leaders disagree. For example, John Shelby Spong, a homosexual advocate and retired bishop of the Episcopal Church, attempts to damage the Apostle Paul’s credibility and characterizes the Pauline statements on homosexuality as something other than the Word of God:

Yes, I am convinced that Paul of Tarsus was a gay man, deeply repressed, self-loathing, rigid in denial, bound by the law that he hoped could keep this thing, that he judged to be so unacceptable, totally under control, a control so profound that even Paul did not have to face this fact about himself. But repression kills. It kills the repressed one and sometimes the defensive anger found in the repressed one also kills those who challenge, threaten or live out the thing that this repressed person so deeply fears.11

In Spong’s view, the Apostle Paul was allegedly repressing homosexual desires and that led him to condemn homosexual behavior in general. Furthermore, Spong argues that in Paul’s time, homosexuality was socially unacceptable, so Paul was supposedly forced to react negatively to homosexual behavior. When asked in one interview how he could so easily dismiss the Bible’s words on homosexuality, Spong replied, “I don’t see the Bible as the Word of God. I see the Word of God as that which I hear through the words of the Bible. There’s a very big difference.”12 A big difference indeed—between the orthodox Christian view of Scripture as “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16) and Spong’s heretical view that accords divine authority to his own thoughts.
Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate [malakos], nor homosexuals [arsenokoitēs], nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9–10, NASB)

. . . for fornicators, for sodomites [arsenokoitēs], for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine. (1 Timothy 1:10, NKJV)

Conservative Bible scholars typically accept (based on solid historical and textual evidence) that arsenokoitēs refers to the active sexual partner in a homosexual act, while malakos refers to the passive partner.13 Pro-homosexual scholars, however, challenge the translations of these two Greek words. Some have tried to limit the words to adulterous homosexual relationships, while others have offered alternate definitions related to rape or sex with young boys (i.e., pederasty). For instance, the editors of the Queen James Bible chose to translate malakos as “morally weak” and arsenokoitēs as “promiscuous.”

Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon, associate professor of New Testament at Pittsburg Theological Seminary and an authority on sexual issues in Scripture, explains why the word arsenokoitēs so clearly relates to homosexual acts.

Why make Bible verses say what it doesn’t. Rather forget what the Bible says, forget what God says and do what you want. But consider this, if God is real and the Bible is true and your re-interpretation of Scripture is wrong, you will face God and His judement.



Norman Geisler tackles an argument which is frequently raised regarding this OT passage and others that strictly prohibit homosexual relations. The reasoning goes something like this: "Since Leviticus prohibits eating pork, but the New Testament allows one to eat pork, having the laws against homosexuality also been abolished along with laws against eating pork?" Here is Geisler's analysis...

PROBLEM: The law against homosexuality is found in the Levitical law (Lev. 18:22) along with laws against eating pork and shrimp (Lev. 11:2–3, 10). But these ceremonial laws have been done away with (Acts 10:15). This being the case, some insist that the laws prohibiting homosexual activity are no longer binding either.

SOLUTION: The laws against homosexual practices are not merely ceremonial. Simply because the Mosaic prohibition against homosexuality is mentioned in Leviticus does not mean that it was part of the ceremonial law that has passed away. First, if laws against homosexuality were merely ceremonial (and therefore abolished), then rape, incest, and bestiality would not be morally wrong either, since they are condemned in the same chapter with homosexual sins (Lev. 18:6–14, 22–23). Second, homosexual sins among Gentiles were also condemned by God (Ro 1:26), and they did not have the ceremonial law (Ro 2:12–15). It was for this very reason that God brought judgment on the Canaanites (Ge 18:1–3, 25). Third, even in the Jewish Levitical law there was a difference in punishment for violating the ceremonial law of eating pork or shrimp (which was a few days isolation) and that for homosexuality which was capital punishment (Lev. 18:29). Fourth, Jesus changed the dietary laws of the OT (Mark 7:18; Acts 10:15), but the moral prohibitions against homosexuality are still enjoined on believers in the NT (Rom. 1:26–27; 1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Tim. 1:10; Jude 7). (When critics ask : a popular handbook on Bible difficulties)  

CALVIN – LEV 18:22

We learn from these passages that the people were not only prohibited from adultery, but also from all sins (61) which are repugnant to the modesty of nature itself. In order that all impurity may be the more detestable, He enumerates two species of unnatural lust, from whence it is evident that when men indulge themselves in this respect, they are carried away by an impulse, which is more than beastly, to defile themselves by shameful wickedness. The beasts are satisfied with natural connection; it is therefore a gross enormity that this distinction should be confounded by man endowed with reason; for what is the use of our judgment and intelligent faculties if it be not that greater self-restraint should exist in us than in the brute animals? It is plain, therefore, that they must be blinded in a horrible manner who so shamefully defile themselves, as Paul says. (Romans 1:28.) The madness of lust has, however, invented several monstrous vices, whose names it would be better to bury, if God had not chosen that these shameful monuments should exist, to inspire us with fear and horror. It has at length advanced to such excesses, that men created in God’s image, both male and female, have had connection with brutes.


As Wenham notes, because Leviticus 18:22 uses the very general term zǎkǎr, ‘male’, the passage clearly prohibits every kind of male—male intercourse (were the word na’ar, ‘youth’, used instead, presumably only pederasty would be condemned). These homosexual relations are further described by the very strong word tô’ebâ, ‘abomination’. In Leviticus 20:13 the penalty for offenders is death, putting the offence on a par with adultery (Lev 20:10) or the worst cases of incest (20:11, 12). Moreover, three factors make it clear that the sexual relationship here condemned involved mutual consent between two males: (1) both parties are punished; (2) the verb used is simply ‘lie’ (as opposed to, say, ‘seize and lie’ which would imply rape); and (3) the further comment is made, ‘their blood be upon their own heads’, which suggests an awareness of the action and its consequences.17 Thus, unlike Egypt where only pederasty was condemned or Mesopotamia where apparently only forcible homosexual relations were forbidden, OT law appears to forbid all forms of homosexual relations. Wenham’s explanation is probably correct that ‘it therefore seems most likely that Israel’s repudiation of homosexual intercourse arises out of its doctrine of creation.ROM 1:26

Barclay: Because of this God abandoned them to dishonorable passions, for their women exchanged the natural relationship, for the relationship which is against nature (Daily Study Bible)

ICB: Because people did those things, God left them and let them do the shameful things they wanted to do. Women stopped having natural sex and started having sex with other women. (ICB: Nelson)

KJV: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

NLT: That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. (NLT - Tyndale House)

Phillips: God therefore handed them over to disgraceful passions. Their women exchanged the normal practices of sexual intercourse for something which is abnormal and unnatural. (Phillips: Touchstone)

Wuest: Because of this God gave them over to dishonorable passions, for even their females exchanged their natural use for that which is against nature. (Eerdmans)

Young's Literal: Because of this did God give them up to dishonourable affections, for even their females did change the natural use into that against nature;

Barnes notes that...

Evidence of the shameful and disgraceful fact here charged on the women is abundant in the Greek and Roman writers.

Exchanged (3337) (metallasso from metá = change of place or condition + allásso = change) is used only in this verse and the preceding in the NT and means to cease one activity and to start something else in exchange. It denotes the giving up of one thing (the natural function of the woman, heterosexuality and child bearing) in order to receive another (the lie of lesbianism). Women became lesbians, practicing unnatural sex and knowing no shame.

The verb exchanged is aorist tense (action at a moment in time) and active voice (subject makes a choice of their will to carry out this action) indicating that these women made a deliberate choice to exchange the natural for the unnatural, which was a reflection of the influence of the degrading passions God had given them into the power of.

Expositor's Bible Commentary observes that...

Paul's use of "exchanged" is suggestive. The first exchange, that of the truth for the lie, is followed by another--the upsetting of the normal course of nature in sexual relations. Instead of using the ordinary terms for men and women, Paul substitutes "males" and "females." The irony is that this sort of bestiality finds no counterpart in the animal kingdom. Perversion is the unique contrivance of the human species. (Gaebelein, F, et al: Expositor's Bible Commentary: Old and New Testament 12 Volumes)

J Vernon McGee notes that...

These are passions of dishonor and disgrace and depravity—regardless of what public opinion is today. Perversion entered into Greek life, and it brought Greece down to the dust. Go over there and look at Greece today. The glory has passed away. Why? These were their sins." (Thru the Bible Mp3's online)

God abandoned them not only to idolatry, the ultimate expression of man’s spiritual degeneracy, but also to degrading passions, which he identifies in these two verses as homosexuality, the ultimate expression of man’s moral degeneracy.

When man forsakes the AUTHOR of nature,
he inevitably forsakes the ORDER of nature.
ROM 1:27

Amplified: And the men also turned from natural relations with women and were set ablaze (burning out, consumed) with lust for one another—men committing shameful acts with men and suffering in their own bodies and personalities the inevitable consequences and penalty of their wrong-doing and going astray, which was [their] fitting retribution. (Amplified Bible - Lockman)

Barclay: and so did the men, for they gave up the natural relationship with women, and were inflamed with their desire for each other, and men were guilty of shameful conduct with men. So within themselves they received their due and necessary rewards for their error. (Daily Study Bible)

KJV: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

NLT: And the men, instead of having normal sexual relationships with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men and, as a result, suffered within themselves the penalty they so richly deserved. (NLT - Tyndale House)

Phillips: Similarly the men, turning from natural intercourse with women, were swept into lustful passions for one another. Men with men performed these shameful horrors, receiving, of course, in their own personalities the consequences of sexual perversity. (Phillips: Touchstone)

Wuest: And likewise also the males, having put aside the natural use of the females, burned themselves out in their lustful appetite toward one another, males with males carrying to its ultimate conclusion that which is shameful, receiving in themselves that retribution which was a necessity in the nature of the case because of their deviation from the norm. another; males with males working shame, and the recompense of their error that was fit, in themselves receiving. (Eerdmans)

Young's Literal: and in like manner also the males having left the natural use of the female, did burn in their longing toward one

Homosexuality was common in first century Rome, and is often spoken of without a sense of shame by Roman writers. Homosexuality was prohibited neither by religion nor law, and was acknowledged without shame (cp Is 3:9, Je 6:15, 8:12, Zeph 3:5, Phil 3:19-note). At times, the Roman empire specifically taxed approved homosexual prostitution, and even gave boy prostitutes a legal holiday! Same sex marriage was legally recognized, and even some of the Roman emperors married men. At the very time Paul was writing, Nero was emperor. He had taken a boy named Sporus and had him castrated. He then married him (with a full ceremony), brought him to the palace with a great procession, and made the boy his "wife." Later, Nero lived with another man, and Nero was the "wife."

These men in defiance of social and moral standards continually commit acts that are "unseemly" with resulting disgrace, embarrassment and shame.

As noted above, history records that ancient Greece and Rome were hotbeds of homosexuality. Many of our most revered philosophers were homosexuals as were many of the political leaders of that day. In fact, 14 of the first 15 Roman emperors were homosexual, some of them blatantly so. How ironic that even those that were most noted for moral virtue (Socrates, Plato, Zeno) are charged with the sin of homosexuality. Homosexuality generally prevails with idolatry and infidelity, as among the Pagans of old and interestingly nothing like it is observed in the animal world.

Expositor's Bible Commentary writes that...

The "gay" facade is a thin veil for deep-seated frustration. The folly of homosexuality is proclaimed in its inability to reproduce the human species in keeping with the divine commandment (Gen 1:28). To sum up, what men do with God has much to do with their character and life style. Godet put it well when he said, "A law broods over human existence, a law which is at the same time a divine act: Such as thou makest thy God, such wilt thou make thyself" (in loc.). Throughout the passage man is represented as active-- seeing, thinking, doing. He is not represented as victimized, as taken captive against his will, as the dupe of evil influences from outside himself. "Sin comes from the mind, which perverts the judgment. The effect of retribution is to abandon the mind to that depravity" (Henri Maurier, The Other Covenant [New York: Newman Press, 1968], p. 185) (Gaebelein, F, et al: Expositor's Bible Commentary)

Pritchard adds that

"Whenever men turn away from God, terrible things begin to happen in society. Long-held standards disappear. Things once considered incredible now become commonplace. Evil no longer seems evil. The basic distinctions between male and female are obliterated. No one knows the difference between right and wrong. In such an atmosphere, homosexuality is first tolerated, then accepted, then praised, and finally enshrined as the ultimate freedom." (When God Gives Up)

1 Cor 6:9

is a compound word: arseno is the word for “a male,” and koitai is the word for “mat” or “bed.” Put the two halves together, and the word means “a male bed”—that is, a person who makes use of a “male-only bed” or a “bed for males.” And, truthfully, that’s all the information we need to understand the intent of 1 Corinthians 6:9.

The word meaning “bed” carries a sexual connotation in this context—the Greek koitai is the source of our English word coitus (“sexual intercourse”). The conclusion is that the word arsenokoitai is referring to homosexuals—men who are in bed with other men, engaging in same-gender sexual activity.
Thayer's Greek Lexicon

STRONGS NT 733: ἀρσενοκοίτης
ἀρσενοκοίτης, ἀρσενοκοιτου, (ἄρσην a male; κοίτη a bed), one who lies with a male as with a female, a sodomite:
1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:10. (Anthol. 9, 686, 5; ecclesiastical writings.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
From arrhen and koite; a sodomite -- abuser of (that defile) self with mankind.
see GREEK arrhen  - see GREEK koite
1 Tim 6:10

New International Version
for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers--and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine

New Living Translation
The law is for people who are sexually immoral, or who practice homosexuality, or are slave traders, liars, promise breakers, or who do anything else that contradicts the wholesome teaching

English Standard Version
the sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine,

Berean Study Bible
for the sexually immoral, for homosexuals, for slave traders and liars and perjurers, and for anyone else who is averse to sound teaching

Berean Literal Bible
for the sexually immoral, homosexuals, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and if anything other is opposed to being sound in the teaching,

New American Standard Bible
and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching,

King James Bible
For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

Holman Christian Standard Bible
for the sexually immoral and homosexuals, for kidnappers, liars, perjurers, and for whatever else is contrary to the sound teaching

International Standard Version
for those involved in sexual immorality, for homosexuals, for kidnappers, for liars, for false witnesses, and for whatever else goes against the healthy teaching

NET Bible
sexually immoral people, practicing homosexuals, kidnappers, liars, perjurers--in fact, for any who live contrary to sound teaching.

New Heart English Bible
for the sexually immoral, for men who have sexual relations with men, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and for any other thing contrary to the sound doctrine;

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
For fornicators, for males who lie down with males, for kidnappers of free men, for liars, for oath breakers and for all things opposed to the sound teaching

GOD'S WORD® Translation
Laws are intended for people involved in sexual sins, for homosexuals, for kidnappers, for liars, for those who lie when they take an oath, and for whatever else is against accurate teachings.

New American Standard 1977
and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching,

Jubilee Bible 2000
for fornicators, for homosexuals, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine,

King James 2000 Bible
For fornicators, for homosexuals, for slave traders, for liars, for perjurers, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

American King James Version
For fornicators, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for enslavers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

American Standard Version
for fornicators, for abusers of themselves with men, for menstealers, for liars, for false swearers, and if there be any other thing contrary to the sound doctrine;

Douay-Rheims Bible
For fornicators, for them who defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and whatever other thing is contrary to sound doctrine,

Darby Bible Translation
fornicators, sodomites, kidnappers, liars, perjurers; and if any other thing is opposed to sound teaching,

English Revised Version
for fornicators, for abusers of themselves with men, for menstealers, for liars, for false swearers, and if there be any other thing contrary to the sound doctrine;

Webster's Bible Translation
For lewd persons, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for men-stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine,

Weymouth New Testament
fornicators, sodomites, slave-dealers, liars and false witnesses; and for whatever else is opposed to wholesome teaching

World English Bible
for the sexually immoral, for homosexuals, for slave-traders, for liars, for perjurers, and for any other thing contrary to the sound doctrine;

Young's Literal Translation
whoremongers, sodomites, men-stealers, liars, perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that to sound doctrine is adverse,

For whoremongers - Leviticus 19:29; Leviticus 20:5.

For them that defile themselves with mankind - Sodomites. See the evidence that this crime abounded in ancient times, in the notes on Romans 1:27. It was forbidden by the law of Moses, and was punishable with death; Leviticus 20:13.

Thayer's Greek Lexicon

STRONGS NT 733: ἀρσενοκοίτης

ἀρσενοκοίτης, ἀρσενοκοιτου, (ἄρσην a male; κοίτη a bed), one who lies with a male as with a female, a sodomite:
1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:10. (Anthol. 9, 686, 5; ecclesiastical writings.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - homosexual

From arrhen and koite; a sodomite -- abuser of (that defile) self with mankind.

see GREEK arrhen

see GREEK koite

Arsenokoitai is a compound word: arseno is the word for “a male,” and koitai is the word for “mat” or “bed.” Put the two halves together, and the word means “a male bed”—that is, a person who makes use of a “male-only bed” or a “bed for males.” And, truthfully, that’s all the information we need to understand the intent of 1 Corinthians 6:9.

The word meaning “bed” carries a sexual connotation in this context—the Greek koitai is the source of our English word coitus (“sexual intercourse”). The conclusion is that the word arsenokoitai is referring to homosexuals—men who are in bed with other men, engaging in same-gender sexual activity.

The second term is "arsenokoitai" in Greek. The exact meaning of this word is lost. It seems to have been a term created by Paul for this verse. "Arsen" means "man" in Greek. So there is no way that "arsenokoitai" could refer to both male and female homosexuals. It seems that the English translators gave in to the temptation to widen Paul's condemnation to include lesbians as well as gay males.


Polycarp in early second-century Turkey, the Revelation of Peter in mid-century, Irenaeus in France in the 180s and Origen prohibited "men abusing themselves with men" and "men defiling each other".

Anal penetration with a penis (sodomy properly so-called) was condemned by Justin Martyr in Italy in the middle of the second century and the Acts of John in the third. They did not mention other homoerotic positions, and forbade such penetration in heterosexual relations also

Disapproval of homosexual activity appeared early in the Church Fathers. Aristides of Athens in the A.D. 140s and Clement of Alexandria (Egypt) in the 190s denounced it as sin. The next adverse reference came with Origen in Palestine in the 230s, followed by Methodius and Lactantius in the early fourth century. The last three were voluminous authors who touched on homoeroticism only a few times amid a huge mass of material on other activities.

Justin Martyr condemned sodomy in his First Apology 27, about A.D. 150. He was born in Israel although he said he was a Gentile. Looking at various philosophies, he finally met some Christians who were more convincing than the pagan philosophers, but he became a Christian primarily because of the bravery of Christian martyrs. He would be a “Fundamentalist” before the use of the term.

Clement of Alexandria condemned perversion in his Exhortation to the Greeks 2 about A. D. 190. He also wrote, “The fate of the Sodomites was judgment to those who had done wrong… [they were] burning with insane love for boys” The Instructor 6, ca. A.D. 193.

The famous Tertullian, sometime called “the Baptist,” wrote about A.D. 200, “The coupling of two males is a very shameful thing” Early Church Fathers, 3.509. Tertullian was not politically correct.

John Chrysostom wrote, “[The pagans] were addicted to the love of boys . . . . As for their passion for boys, whom they called their paedica, it is not fit to be named” Homilies on Titus 5, A.D. 390. Later, he wrote, “All of these affections [in Rom. 1:26–27] . . . were vile, but chiefly the mad lust after males; for the soul is more the sufferer in sins, and more dishonored than the body in diseases” Homilies on Romans 4, A.D. 391. He added, “[The men] have done an insult to nature itself. And a yet more disgraceful thing than these is it, when even the women seek after these intercourses, who ought to have more shame than men” Homilies on Romans 4, A.D. 391.

Chrysostom, who died in 407 and was known as “the golden mouth,” said that homosexual acts are worse than murder. That took courage but then he also criticized the Emperor’s wife (and other women) for dressing extravagantly! He was banished for his faithful preaching. I don’t think that has happened to any preacher recently.

Augustine wrote, “[T]hose shameful acts against nature, such as were committed in Sodom, ought everywhere and always to be detested and punished” Confessions 3:8:15, A.D. 400. 

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. (Genesis 2:24–25)

Marriage, as God designed it, has certain hallmarks that are evident in Genesis 2: a man and a woman joined in a monogamous marriage (verse 24), who complement each other in their gender roles (verse 18), and who can enjoy the fruits of marriage without shame (verse 25).

This is what makes homosexual behavior so morally perverse in Scripture—homosexuality is a direct violation of the creation order. Under the government’s current definition of “marriage,” it is no longer between a man and woman, but between any two people who apply for a license. Moreover, same-sex partnerships lack the complementarity that Adam and Eve’s marriage exemplifies. Men and women were created with unique masculine and feminine roles that, when brought together in marriage, create a harmony that same-sex relationships cannot adequately mimic. Finally, same-sex relationships rarely last and are often not monogamous.2 Regardless of what pro-gay scholars claim, God’s Word is very clear about the sinfulness of homosexual behavior. Same-sex “marriage” turns God-designed marriage on its head.

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

The Bible makes it clear that God designed sex to be engaged in only between a male and a female and only within the arrangement of marriage. (Genesis 1:27, 28; Leviticus 18:22; Proverbs 5:18, 19) When the Bible condemns fornication, it is referring to both homosexual and heterosexual conduct. *Galatians 5:19-21.

If someone asks: “What’s your view of homosexuality?”

You might reply: “I don’t hate homosexuals, but I can’t approve of their conduct.”

  Remember: If you’re guided by the Bible’s moral code, then that is your lifestyle choice, and you have a right to it. (Joshua 24:15) Don’t feel ashamed of your view.—Psalm 119:46.

Shouldn’t Christians treat all people with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation?

Absolutely. The Bible says: “Honor men of all sorts” or, as Today’s English Version renders it, “Respect everyone.” (1 Peter 2:17) Therefore, Christians are not homophobic. They show kindness to all people, including those who are gay.—Matthew 7:12.

If someone asks: “Doesn’t your view of homosexuality encourage prejudice against gays?”

You might reply: “Not at all. I reject homosexual conduct, not people.”

You could add: “To illustrate it, I also choose not to smoke. In fact, I find the very idea of it repugnant. But suppose you’re a smoker and you feel differently. I wouldn’t be prejudiced against you for your view, just as I’m sure you wouldn’t be prejudiced against me for my view—am I right? The same principle applies to our differing views of homosexuality.”

Didn’t Jesus preach tolerance? If so, shouldn’t Christians take a permissive view of homosexuality?

Jesus didn’t encourage his followers to accept any and all lifestyles. Rather, he taught that the way to salvation is open to “everyone exercising faith in him.” (John 3:16) Exercising faith in Jesus includes conforming to God’s moral code, which forbids certain types of conduct—including homosexuality.—Romans 1:26, 27.

If someone says: “Homosexuals can’t change their orientation; they’re born that way.”

You might reply: “The Bible doesn’t comment on the biology of homosexuals, although it acknowledges that some traits are deeply ingrained. (2 Corinthians 10:4, 5) Even if some are oriented toward the same sex, the Bible tells Christians to shun homosexual acts.”

Suggestion: Rather than get ensnared in a debate about the cause of homosexual desires, emphasize that the Bible prohibits homosexual conduct. To make a comparison, you could say: “You know, many claim that violent behavior can have a genetic root and that as a result, some people are predisposed to it. (Proverbs 29:22) What if that was true? As you might know, the Bible condemns fits of anger. (Psalm 37:8; Ephesians 4:31) Is that standard unfair just because some may be inclined toward violence?”


Visit this site for a Baptist view :


The Old Testament laws are fulfilled in Christ Jesus, that is the law of Moses (Given by God to Moses) consisting of 613 laws. It was given for the Jews. In the New Testament we are under Christ’s law. Some of the Old Testament laws are confirmed in the New Testament for example: Murder, theft, adultery, fornication, etc including homosexuality. 

If the “temple of Molech” argument is adhere to in favour of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, then bestiality and adultery should also be allowed. Idol worship and the whole temple of Molech” must be seen as sin on its own (the total practise of it) Thus with each of the other abominations mentioned. The context in which adultery, bestiality and homosexuality is mentioned here are not in connection of idol worship. Each stand on its own as sin. 


To disagree on the lifestyles of Homosexuals and the LGBTQIAPD doesn’t make someone homofobic or a gay basher or a person that hates the LGBTQIAPD. Each hman being should be treated with respect and love, than doesn’t mean you must agree to their lifestyle.  

 Take for example:
·         An alcoholic - I don’t agree with his/her lifestyle, but I should treat him/her with respect and love
·         A drug addict - I don’t agree with his/her lifestyle, but I should treat him/her with respect and love
·         An adulterer - I don’t agree with his/her lifestyle, but I should treat him/her with respect and love
·         A swinger - I don’t agree with his/her lifestyle, but I should treat him/her with respect and love
·         A fornicator  - I don’t agree with his/her lifestyle, but I should treat him/her with respect and love
·         A Prostitute - I don’t agree with his/her lifestyle, but I should treat him/her with respect and love 

Please don’t here assume that I equate the above with LGBTQIAPD lifestyle, is purely an example of what the right response towards them should be. 

To hate the LGBTQIAPD community, to attack them, to assault them, to harm them, is wrong. A wrong against a person of the heterosexual community would be a wrong against the LGBTQIAPD community. (This would exclude the things that, according to the word of God belongs to a married couple, and to the behaviour according to the sex (gender) roles you are created for) 

Differ, but in love. 

Should they have “special” treatment ( so called “good” or “bad”), more than any other human being? No 

You can differ from someone and even strongly differ, without treating then in a un-Christ like manner.  


Solution – Break with it and seek counselling. 

The real solution regarding any sinful sexual relationship is found in the Creator of mankind and in His word, the bible. A Heart changed in the inner-man, by the grace of God through His Holy Spirit sets you free from bondage. 

Consider the following:
Sex is like nuclear energy. Within a contained environment (marriage) very useful, outside disastrous, harmful and dangerous. 

The solution to this disillusioned lifestyle is the Christian gospel. A Gospel of forgiveness and restoration.


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